Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


4. Nothing more than project partners

I start to get ready for school once the clock strikes 6:00am. I brush my teeth and pick out my outfit. I pick out a pair of black jeggings and a red over sized flannel with black vans. I brushed out hair and was to lazy to do anything with it so i just put on a black beanie. I go sit on my bed and put some music on. At this moment all i can think about is...Luke. After about 1 hour. i got up and realized i was late. I went downstairs and saw my dad wasn't there. I went outside and i saw him about to get in his truck. I kiss his cheek and said bye to him.

"Hey who were you talking to this morning?" He asks 

"The voices in my head." I say back as i run down the street.

I realize that i'm half way to school and i have 8 minutes before the bell rings. I decide to walk. I hear a car pull up behind me and i look back and see Luke. I stop and he pulls up next to me. 

"Hey princess. Get in." I do as he says and we drive to school.

"Thanks Luke." 

"Don't worry about it. I have to tell you something." He says


"Come over to my house Friday to work on the project." He says grinning 

"Really your gonna help me?" 

"Yah, I just really want to get in your pants." He says smirking. I punch him. He laughs

"Okay im sorry! Im just kidding princess." As he says that we pull into a parking spot in school. We walk in together and we get stares from everyone. I get ugly looks from girls Luke has slept with. I just roll my eyes. We part ways and i head to my Locker. I Hear Jade calling me as i open my locker. 

"So you and Luke Hemmings." She says.

"Gross." I say

"so you guys arent dating or anything?" 

"Nothing more than project partners." Jade goes ahead and goes to 1st period. I feel something tap my shoulder. I turn around to see Michael. 

"Oh hey pizza boy! How is life?" 

"Haha very funny. Who was that you were talking to?" He asks

"Oh her? My friend Jade why?" He starts to blush a little. I pinch his cheeks and he laughs 

"Match made in Heaven." I say and we both laugh. 

"You too." He says. I get really confused.

"You and Luke stupid."

"Michael gross." I say as i laugh

"Maybe for you but Luke likes you a lot." 

"What makes you say that pizza boy?" 

"I dont know. It just seems like he a crush on you." 

"If you dont know then why bother telling me he does?" 

"It just seems like he does. Ever since the day he met you he kinda talks about you alot." 

"Yah whatever pizza boy." 

*2 days later* 

Tomorrow is the day i go over to Luke's house to work on the project. I have to admit, Ever since Michael told me he has a little crush on me i cant think straight. Maybe i am starting to like him a little bit. It has been the same all week. He calls me Princess saying he wants to get in my pants, and i threaten to pull out his lip piercing. Same old same old. He hasn't acted different towards me. School was the same today. He was a dick. I lay in bed and try to go to sleep. What ever happens tomorrow happens. 

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