Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


1. Luke Hemmings, Bad boy.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. The time says 6:00am. I get up out of bed and start getting ready for school. I do the usual morning routine: Take a shower, Brush my teeth, and get ready. Its Monday so I just put on a gray over-sized knit sweater with black leggings and black combat boots. I do light make up with just mascara and a little face make up to hide any flaws. I brush my hair out and put it in a messy side braid. I go down stairs and greet my dad who is at the kitchen table doing paper work. 

"Morning Dad." I Kiss his cheek and head over to the pantry to grab a granola bar. 

"Morning Avery." He says as he smiles. I roll my eyes and grab my bag. 

"Dad, I've been going by Ava for 10 years of my life, Still cant get it huh?" I laugh as walk out the door. 

"Nope." I hear him say chuckling as i close the door. I stand outside in my front yard waiting for Jade. Jade is my only friend. She is my best friend. I love her to death, I don't know where i would be with out her. 


"Stop it hurts!' I scream. 

"Keep kicking her! Her crying is hysterical!" One girl shouts. My classmates all keep punching me and kicking me in the middle of the courtyard. I keep screaming for help, but know one is around. I begin to black out. The pain suddenly stops. I look up and i see a girl reaching her hand out to me. I grab it. 

"Are you okay? ill take you to the nurses office." The girls says. 

"Thank you." I can barely move so i get on her back. 

"I'm Jade by the way, We're friends now so get used to it." She begins to walk me to the nurse's office. 

This was 9 years ago

"End of Flashback* 

"Earth to Ava." Jade says waving her hand back and forth in front of me. 

"Sorry, I was thinking." We began to walk to school. We talk about the usual, which is usually nothing. Jade and I are like sisters but we have almost nothing in common. She is a big risk taker, like a dare devil, She doesn't care what anybody says or thinks. People like her for that. On the other side, is her Shy, quiet best friend that nobody knows. The question i always ask myself is, Why does she hang out with me? 

We walk into school and we soon have to part ways. I go to my locker but stop in the middle of the hall way to see some guy and girl having a intense make out session on my locker. Of course that guy is no other than Luke Hemmings, Bad boy. or at least that's what he thinks. I just think he is a obnoxious ass.

He is a man full of piercings and tattoo's. He has the quiff that every girl drools over. His eyes. God his eyes. They were bluer than the ocean. They could make you lost in reality. You can usually find him in the school courtyard getting blazed. 

Every girl that falls for him is an idiot. They know what they get themselves into. They just don't care. 

I go over to them and attempt to get them off my locker. 

"Hi- um can you move to another locker? I own this one." I say, they don't listen. I turn on my phone and go to my alarms. I put the phone to Luke's ear and blast it. It screeches and he jumps away covering his ears. I crack a giggle.

"Why the hell was that for!" He yells 

"My locker isn't a make out spot!" I walk and push the girl off my locker. I open my locker and he leans beside the locker next to mine. He shoo's the other girl away to talk to me. 

"So i haven't seen you around school before" He says with a smirk.

"well i don't care. go away." I say jamming books into my locker.

"Calm down negative nancy. Just trying to be polite." He smirks again. 

"I rather have my ears ripped off then hear you be 'polite to me'" 

"Can i get a name?, I won't leave until i do." 

"Ava." I close my locker and start walking to my 1st period.

"Well hi Ivy i'm Luke." He says, We stop in front of my class.

"My name is Ava and I know who you are." I turn and walk into the class, Luke following behind me. I sit down in my seat. Luke sits himself down next to me. I roll my eyes and he just smirks. The bell rings and the teacher starts teaching. 

"okay class, we will be starting a partner project and i will go around and you will draw a name from a hat, then pick a project topic about WWII. The project requires a essay, Important facts, pictures and a I wonder statement, Must be on a poster board." 

I'm one of the last ones he come too. There is 3 more people around me. 1 random guy, Jade and Luke. I draw from the hat praying i don't get Luke. I grab a folded piece of paper and open it. 

"Shit" I mumble under my breath. 

"Ava! Language. Who did you get?"  My teacher asks

"I got Luke!" I say sarcastically. 

I glance over at him and see he is so happy that we are project partners. The bell rings and i rush out of the classroom. Luke finds a way to catch up with me. 

"Well Ivy looks like were project partners!" 

"My name is Ava. Next time you call my Ivy again i will rip out your lip piercing." I snap

"You don't like me do you?" He asks smirking

"No i don't, when are we gonna start on the project?" I ask him. He just laughs and i get really confused.

"Your gonna start working on the project right away."He says as he walks away.

What the hell? He seriously was gonna do this to me? I try to shrug it off and walk to gym. Which i also happen to have the same period as Luke. Since it was Monday the boy and girl's classes are being combined. We do this every other week day. I go to the gym locker room and change. I come out and notice Luke is staring at me. I roll my eyes and start doing the warm up. Which is running to 3 songs. Luke runs along side with me. 

"Im not doing that project myself Luke."

"Well you should know, i don't really give a flying fuck."

"I swear Luke help with the project or so help me God i will punch you in the lung." I say not looking at him.

"I think i like you Ava." He runs a head of me to catch up with one of his friends, Calum Hood. While were still running I notice Calum looking back at me. We stop the warm up and begin to play Baseball. the coach divided us up into teams and Calum and I are on the same team while Luke is on the other. Calum and I were on the out field.

"Hi, Im Calum." He says behind me. I turn around to see him smiling. 

"Im Ava, Your friends with Luke." I say 

"Yup. He said you were funny." My eyes grew wide

"Why would I care?" 

"Well because he is Luke Hemmings." 

"If that's another way of saying he wants to get in my pants then no thanks." 

"Well that maybe why, But you are pretty funny." he says with a bright smile. I smile back. 

"Thanks Calum." 

"Hey im in a band and I know your kinda shy and not really a people person, but there is a band practice today, I want you to meet my friends. " 

"Okay." I say smiling. 

"Hood! Carter! Get your head out of your ass and play ball!" The coach yells. 

"Harsh." I mumble to Calum and we both laugh. I turn to see Luke staring and I turn away. I push Calum out of the way to catch a ball. I catch it and the game ends. We won of course. Calum hugs me tightly and I laugh. 

~Skip to end of the day~ 

I walk out of school and start walking home. Jade couldn't walk with me. She got detention. She poured lime green paint onto the science teachers car with another friend but was caught in the act. Idiot. I blast my music up really loud. I Start to listen to A Drop In The Ocean , By Ron Pope 

A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I'm holding you closer than most 'cause you are my heaven

I don't wanna waste the weekend
If you don't love me pretend
A few more hours then it's time to go

As my train rolls down the east coast I wonder how you keep warm
It's too late to cry
Too broken to move on

And still I can't let you be
Most nights I hardly sleep
Don't take what you don't need from me

Think song makes me think of my mother and how much i miss her. I feel a tear start to roll down my cheek. 

"Hey why are you crying?" I hear a voice behind me. It startles me. It was Jade.

"Oh hey Jade, no reason.  your supposed to be in detention." I say. 

"I didnt go." 

"Jade you cant do that!." I say with a concerned tone.

"Okay, whatever mom!, I have to go bye." She waves and jumps in the car with her boyfriend. Im the only one who knows about him. He is 20. Which is not appropriate considering were 16 and juniors in High school. I get a text from some random number. 

Stranger: Hey 

Ava: Who is this? 

Stranger: Oh lol sorry its Calum

Ava: Oh hi how did you get my number? 

Calum: I have connections :) 

Ava: Jade? 

Calum: Yuppers, Are you coming to the band practice? 

Ava: Yah, I need to get cleaned up first. 

Calum: Okay pick you up in a hour cya! :)))

I hurry home to get ready. I was actually looking forward to this.

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