Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


11. Im falling for you, Luke Hemmings.

We arrive at the party and its already loud and crowded. We get in the house to see Austin, he is already drunk off his ass. He makes his way over to us and stops in front of me. 

"Hey Beautiful, Give me a kiss." He says to me, I can smell the scent of alcohol and nicotine on his breath. 

"Your drunk Austin. We broke up remember?" 

"Oh yeaaaah!! He lets out a laugh, "Why did we again?" 

"You slept with the school whore." I say coldly. The guys looked at me shocked, they gave me sympathetic looks. I really don't need pity, especially from Luke. 

"I'm gonna get a drink." I say, the musics so loud they cant hear me, I just walk away and make way to the kitchen. 

I grab a cup and pour vodka in it. I swallow it and it burns going down my throat. After a few more drinks, i feel slightly buzzed. someone grabs my shoulders from behind. 

"Ava, you have had enough." I turn to see Luke with a concerned look on his face. 

"Oh hey Lukey! I'm fine! its a party, this is supposed to happen." 

"Ava you need to-" I cut him off by placing my finger against his lips. Then i put the same finger against my lips. 

"Shhh. stop talking." I whisper this to him. I push him away and head to the dance floor, along with my drink. 

After about an hour, i can confirm that i was drunk. Really drunk. I turn to see a even drunker Calum coming towards me. He grabbed my hand pulling me closer to him.

"Dance with me Avery." He laughed spinning me around 

"hehe Avery, what a silly name." I say laughing. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his hands on my hips. I moved my hips to the music. We both laughed and continued this for about 4 or 5 songs, Until Austin cut in. 

"Hey I want to talk to you." He says.

"No sorry i'm busy." I push him off and walk away. I maybe drunk but i'm not stupid.

I spot Luke. I need to tell him how i feel, i don't care if i am drunk. I make my way over to him. I grab his hand and pulled him outside. We went around to the side of the house. He looked confused why we were out here. 

"Luke. I need to say something. Don't talk just listen." 


"I want to be with you. I'm drunk while saying this. I'm glad i am because i wouldn't have the guts to tell you sober. I didn't like you at first. you were an ass." I took a deep breath before continuing. "When you asked me to got to your house that friday, i was nervous. you told me you wanted me, i thought just for sex. Then you told me you needed me. I had the need to kiss you. I still have that need. I fucked everything up and i'm sorry, but i cant help how i feel."  

I took another deep breath, before saying the last sentence.

"I'm falling for you, Luke Hemmings." 

I look at him. he was stunned by the words i just said.

"Luke? Can you say something?" 

"God dammit Ava." 


"I'm falling for you too." He said looking at the ground. 

I cupped his face with my hands. Meeting my eyes with his. I could tell he was telling the truth. I leaned in but he pulled back. 

"Ava, I can't kiss you." 

I looked down at the ground. Upset and kinda embarrassed. He felt him lean into my ear.

"I rather kiss you when you're sober." For some reason this brought chills down my spine. it made my heart flutter.

I began to become light headed. I tumble into Luke's arms. 

"I'm gonna take you home."  I nodded and he carried me, bridal style, to the car. He gently placed me inside. He drove me home. He parked the car and looked at me.

"Is your Dad home?" 

"He is away working on a case." 

"When will he be back?"


"What does he do?"

"He is a detective." 

He got out of the car and carried me to the door. I got my key from my bag and handed it to Luke. He opened the door. closing it behind him with his foot. He carried me upstairs and took me to my room. He set me down gently on the bed, kissed my forehead and turned to leave. Only to be stopped by my hand grabbing his.

"Stay with me?" 


He put us both under the covers. He wrapped his arms around me. I sunk my face into his chest. He held my hand, stroking it with his thumb. I felt my eyes get heavy. I fell asleep in his arms. I felt really safe. 

A/n: Hey guys! its me! I hope you are enjoying the story so far. Sorry for the short, shitty chapter, its 2:30am right now and i wanted to update. Thanksgiving break is over and i have school tomorrow. which sucks. Sorry if you had expected drama with Austin and Luke, But don't worry, that part will come soon! Anyway, thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me on twitter! @5Seconds_of_Fab :)))) #WeLoveYouCalum <3

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