Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


12. I told you i was hungry

I wake up. My head is pounding, and it's dark in my room. I look at the time, It's 3am. I look up to see Luke. Looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes. 

"You're awake." He says smiling. 

I pop my head up and look confused. 

"Oh my God, we didn't right?" I say

"Nope, i wouldn't take advantage of you like that." He says, i can tell he is being honest. 

"How did we end up here?" I say. He didn't say anything. 

I sit there trying to remember what happened that led to him being in the bed. Something went off in my head. I told him. 

"I remember now." I say 

"How you told me about your feelings? Yah, Do you remember me telling you how i have them too?" 

I remember that too. then i blacked out, and we ended up here. I can't remember anything else. 

"Remember what else i told you?" I give him a confused look. 

He leans in closer to my ear. I get chills down my spine as his face is inches away from mine. 

"I rather kiss you when you're sober." My eyes grew wide.

I turned my face towards him and he pressed his lips to mine. I couldn't describe the feeling he gave me. He made my heart skip 100 beats, he made me so nervous, he made sparks light up my whole body. I didn't even notice my hangover.

He kissed me with such passion, We didn't kiss for long. We pulled away and pressed our foreheads together. He looked up at me and smiled while tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. 

'You have no idea how long i waited for this moment." He says. It makes me smile. 

"Why were you such a dick the first time we talked?" I ask him calmly. 

"I know you think nobody knows who you are. but i noticed you. I wanted to see if you were worth it. I didn't want you to be like the other girls at our school. I was hoping you weren't. I talked to you and your were nothing like the girls who just want me for sex or because i'm apparently 'Hot'. " 

"You are pretty hot Luke. Not gonna lie." 

"And you're so fucking gorgeous." I tried to hide the fact i was blushing. I knew he noticed though. 

"I'm hungry. Come downstairs and get food with me." I say. He nods and i pull him off the bed. 

We make our way down the stairs and go into the kitchen. Good thing my dad isnt home, for the weekend. Luke and I can hide away in my house for the weekend. I go through the pantry and find my Dad's hidden stash of junk food. I pull it all out. I realize i'm still in my outfit from the show, so i go to the closet and get other clothes. I change and come back to the kitchen. I had on shorts and a long, loose Green day t- shirt. You cant even tell i have shorts on.

"Luke, I didn't notice you had sweats on." 

"I always keep a pair in my car." 


"Just in case i crash at someone's house or something." 

"Oh." I walk and sit on the counter. 

"Did i tell you, that you look really sexy in those clothes." I laugh and blush at the same time.

He makes his way over to and puts his hands on my waist pulling me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his and neck and our lips collide. He backs me up so im pressed against the kitchen island. He moves his hands and presses them on my thigh. He picks me up and puts me on the counter. leaves kisses all over my neck. 

Luke's P.O.V: 

 I'm so glad i'm with her right now. She makes me feel like a whole new person. I'm falling in love with her. I leave kisses around her neck, Hoping to find her sweet spot. Instead i hear crunching noises in my hear. 


"Hm?" It sounds like her mouth is full. 

"What are you eating?" 

"A cookie." She says with her mouth still full. I have to admit. I find it pretty sexy. 

"Why?" I begin to laugh. I hear a gulp. 

"I told you i was hungry." Now we are both laughing.

I look at her and she is so beautiful. The kitchen lights are dim but it lights up the kitchen and I can't help but stare at her. 


"Nothing, I'm just glad to be here with you. Your so perfect." Her lips create a small smile. 

I take her back upstairs. Nothing happens sexually, but we laugh and watch movies until we both fell asleep. 

I have never been happier. 

A/n: Hey guys!!I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Sorry for it being short but its 3am and I was doing my homework for 8 hours. I procrastinate alot. I hope you enjoyed being in Luke's POV. I'm probably gonna start doing his POV every other chapter. If your enjoying the story, make sure you add it to a list and like it! Feel free to follow me on twitter! @5Seconds_of_Fab :))))

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