Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


14. Hit and Run

Luke: I'm outside :) 

Ava: Okay i'm coming 

I grab my bag and say goodbye to my dad. I go outside and spot Luke leaning against his car. Smiling at me. 

"I really hate Monday's." He says as he leans in to kiss me. 

"I know me too." I mumble against his lips. 

He opens the car door for me. Then he gets in the car and we drive to school. He holds my hand and he won't let go. I look at him while he is driving. He knows i'm looking and he smiles and looks at me. 

"You know. If we weren't driving..." He says 

"Well...we're driving so keep your pants on." I smile as he laughs. 

"Let's do something after school." He suggests 

"Like what?" I ask 

"I don't know, I just want to spend time with you." He says smiling at me. 

"Okay." I say high pitched. My voice always gets high pitched when i'm excited. 

He holds up my hand to his lips and kisses it. This makes me smile. We pull up to the school and get out of the car. He takes hold of my hand and we walk into school together. 

I get dirty stares from girls. I roll my eyes and try to ignore them. I just can't. They are whispering things that make me feel so worthless. 

She is wasting her time

Luke is just using her 

Yeah, he will be on to the next girl in a week. 

She is blind. 

I my smile drops to a frown. Luke squeezes my hand as we reach my locker. I try not to show my emotions through actions. Which i have a really bad habit of doing. 

I open my locker and shove my bag in it angrily. Luke of course notices. 

"Hey, don't listen to them."  He says in a whisper 

"I'm not it just- It's really pissing me off." 

"They are just jealous of you." 

"Ha. you're funny." I say getting my books for history. 

Once i get my books i close my locker. I turn around and get surprised by Luke pressing his lips against mine. I feel people staring but i don't care. 

I have Luke all to myself. 

Luke and I pull away from being startled by the sounds of clapping. We turn to see Jade, Michael, Calum and Ashton standing there. Cheering us on. 

"Well it's about fucking time." Jade says, Calum nods in agreement.

"They grow up so fast." Ashton says wiping a imaginary tear. 

"The next thing you know they will be fucking in the storage room." Michael jokes 

"Fuck off." Luke and I say in unison. 

We turn away and walk to our first class. 

Luke leans to whisper something in my ear. 

"The storage room sounds fun." He smirks. 

My jaw drops open and i punch his arm hard and laugh. 


Luke told me that he would meet me by my locker and we would go to lunch. I have been waiting for 10 minutes and i decide to walk without him. 

I am halfway to the cafeteria when i am pulled into a dark closet. The light switches on and I see Luke standing there smiling at me. 

"Well it took you long enough." Luke says 

"What? How long have you been in here?" I ask 

"At least 10 minutes." 


"So i can do this." 

"Do wha-" I get cut off by Luke forcing his lips to mine. He snakes his arms around my waist pulling me closer while i lightly tug on his hair. 

Before things get too heated I slowly push him off. 

"Ava...." Luke whines 


"I want to kiss you, Let me!" He continues to whine

"Luke i'm hungry." I say 

"Urg fine." 

I began to walk out when i get pulled back in his arms. 

"Maybe while you're getting through the day, You can imagine all the things i can do to you." He whispers in my ear 

This send chills down my spine. 

"Maybe i will." I say as i walk out of the closet. 

Well. These thoughts are gonna be in my head all day. 

~Skip to last class~

The last bell rings and Luke makes his way over to me. 

"Hey meet me in the parking lot." He says 

"Okay. i'll see you in 5 minutes." I peck his cheek and walk over to my locker. 

5 minutes later 

I look around the parking lot for Luke. My head jerks to the side when i hear my name. 

"Ava!" Luke starts to make his way over to me and I do the same. 

Happiness is broken when i see a car speeding in Luke's direction. 

"Luke look out!" 

I turn into a track star making my way over to him. I shove him and he falls out of the way, but i don't.

The last thing i remember is flying through the air. Then i was on the ground. I felt sharp pains all over my body. 

I move my head a little to see the car driving off, and Luke running towards me. 

Everything was black. 

A/n: FUCK PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!! Keep reading. So much shit is about to go down. 

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