Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


9. His eyes are magic

I wake up at 3:30am. There is no way i'm going to sleep any time soon. I look at my phone. The brightness of my screen blinds me. I have 10 text messages. All from Luke. He sent them while i was sleeping. 

5:30pm Luke: I want to talk

5:55pm Luke: Please answer :( 

6:45pm Luke: Ava please im sorry

7:20pm Luke: Avaaaaa pleeeeaaase

8:00pm Luke: I was mad i over reacted

9:17pm Luke: Please talk to me!!! 

10:48pm Luke: Avvvvvaaaaa

12:33am Luke: Ava!! Im getting sad!!

2:56am Luke: I hate you for not answering me. 

3:00am Luke: just kidding but please answer me!!!! 

I actually giggle of how cute and stupid he is. Even though i'm mad at him. I turn off my phone and lay in silence for a couple minutes before getting another text. 

Luke: I see you read them. 

Ava: Luke...

Luke: Please I just want to talk

Ava: Okay talk

Luke: Give me a minute

I suddenly hear my window open. I look over to see Luke standing there. I sit up very quickly. 

"Luke! how did you know i was awake?" 

"I saw you read them. I ran as fast as i could over here." 

"Okay talk."  

He comes over and sits on the bed right next to me. His arm brushes up against mine and i feel sparks go throughout my body. 

"I'm sorry. I really am." 


"When i saw you and Calum and got jealous. something ticked off in my head and i couldn't control what i did, I knew Calum kinda of liked you and i don't know, I thought you were getting with him." 

"Luke you just jump to conclusions." 

"I know. I really am sorry." 

"Your kinda dumb you know."

"Yes Ava I know." 

"Can i ask you a question?" 


"Why?" I ask 

"Why what?" 

"Out of all the girls why me." 

"Your different. your beautiful, your always on my mind, Ever since band practice. I just want to kiss you every time see you. I didn't want you too at first, then i just let it happen." 

"Luke, I started to feel that way too." 

He turns to me and looks me into the eyes. I feel like his eyes are magic. Every time i look into them, i just want to kiss him and have him hold me. 

"I really want you Ava, not just for sex, for more."  

I get really lost in the moment. He begins to lean in. At first i let him, but then I snap out of it and pull back. 

"Luke i cant." 


"I just cant. I'm sorry." 

I don't look at him but i can feel him getting angry. 

"Whatever." He says in a harsh tone. He gets off the bed and he begins to walk over to the window. 

"Luke please I'm-" 

"Just save it, you made it clear you don't want to be with me." he goes through the window, I get off the bed and run over to the window. I see him already running down the street. I feel a emptiness fill in my stomach. I go back to the bed and try to sleep. I feel tears filling my eyes. I slowly fall asleep. 

I wake up the morning and feel dead. I didn't want to go but i had to. I get up and i feel really gross. I take a quick shower and brush my teeth. I put on sweats and a t- shirt. I walk out the door with out saying bye to my dad. 

Once i get to school I don't talk to anybody. Except Calum. The day goes by with Luke ignoring me. The next few days go like this and i start to feel so empty. Its finally Thursday and Calum is bugging me about the show. 

"You really don't have to come tomorrow." 

"Calum i'm coming." 

"I've see the way you have been acting this week." 

"I'm fine." 

"Seriously Ava, How many times have you worn those sweats with week?" I crack tiny laugh. 

"Only 2." 

"I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable tomorrow night." 

"ill be fine Cal. I'm promise." I hug him and walk to my next class.

The rest of the day goes by pretty fast. I walk home and it starts raining. I don't run, I just take my time getting home. I blare Bring me the horizon and think to myself. Once i get home. I jump in the shower. I do my homework. I study for no reason and I just try to stop myself from thinking of seeing Luke at the show tomorrow. When im done i look at the time and see its already 11:00pm. I lay down and fall asleep, Hoping tomorrow will go well. 

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