Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


16. Ava....

"Yes how is my daughter?" 

We stand there waiting for the answer 

"Your Daughter is recovering, The surgery went great. She is sleeping right now but you can go see her." 

I have never been so relieved. My Girl was okay. 

"Luke." I hear a voice says 

I jerk my head towards Earl. 

"Yes sir?" 

"You should go see her first." He says 

"B-But she is your daughter." I say shocked by his words 

"I know but i will see her when she is awake." 

"Okay. I will get you when she wakes up." 

He nods and I follow the nurse to her room. I walk in to see Ava hooked up to a beeping machine. Bruises up and down her arms and a broken arm. I'm surprised her legs aren't broken. 

I sit down in a chair beside her bed and the nurse leaves. I grab her small bruised hand and hold on to it. 

She looks so peaceful. Even with her bruised face she was beautiful. 

I see her open her eyes 

"Ava?" I say 

"Hi, Where am i?" 

"In the hospital." 

"Oh." She giggles a little "Duh." 

"I should get your dad." 

I get up and turn my body towards the door. To get stopped by her grabbing my hand. 

"Stay Luke." 

"But your dad." 



I sit back down and sigh. 

"I thought i lost you." I say 


"They said it was a half and half chance. You were bleeding internally." I say 

"Trust me. I'm not going anywhere." She says trying to smile. 

"I know. As long as you're with me, I won't let you." 

"So you met my dad?" 


"What did you tell him?" 

"That uh - i was uh Kinda your boyfriend." 

"So does that mean im kinda your girlfriend?" 

"I guess you kinda are." I chuckle 

"Does he like you?" 

"Yup he said he did." 

"Well that's good." 

"Yup. i hope it is." I say 

"Kiss me." She demands 

"What?" I chuckle again

"You heard me." 


"Just shut up and kiss me." 

I do as she says and kiss her. She winces at first but she gives in. She kisses me as if she hasn't seen me in years. 

We pull away and smiles appear on our faces 

"Thank you. I needed that" She says 

"Why?" I ask 

"Cause while i was sleeping i had a dream." 

"A dream?" 

"A dream." 

"What was the dream about?" 


"What was happening in this dream?" 

"Not gonna tell you." 

A/n: Whoa haven't updated in awhile so, sorry about that. 

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