Falling for Hemmings

Ava was just a normal girl living a normal life with her dad, her mom past away so it has been hard on her. What makes it even harder is Luke Hemmings. Who is a complete ass to her. What happens one day when Ava starts to develop feelings for him?


13. Authors note :)

Hey guys! I just wanted to say i need some time off this fan fiction :( I have been trying to update it and i have writers block! Soooo im trying to get inspiration from things such as movies and tv shows. Im gonna try to update it this weekend! Maybe saturday morning or night. I have to go over to my aunt's house for my grandfather's birthday. To be honest i want to spend the day celebrating with my grandfather but im not really a fan of my cousins so.... Yah anyway ill try to get this story updated as soon as possible! Love you guys!!!! Also except more updates on My Michael fan fic! 

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