My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


10. 9.

Haleys PoV

I heard a car pull up I thought it would be Annie but it was Ashton "where's Annie" I said "nice to see you to Haley" Ashton said "hi" I said "I came here to pick up your stuff" Ashton said "yeah it's right here" I aid pulling the door wide to let him see the boxes "wow you only have 6 boxes" he asked "yeah" I said "can I see your room" he asked "yeah" i led him the way And it was nothing but white walls.. "Wow okay then should we go" he said "yeah" I said so we loaded the boxes and went to my new home


"Calum!" I yelled and chased him "Annie calm down" he yelled back at me "no you ate the ice cream" I yelled "he did what??!" Luke yelled and chased him to and we chased him down the hall to the front door

Haleys PoV

Me and Ashton carried my boxes and were about the open the door

Annie's PoV

Calum was getting close to the front door while I was still chasing him

Micheals PoV

I saw ashton about to open the door

But I stopped him and Calum and Annie and Luke passed me "Calum I saved your freaken life!!" I yelled to him "thank you" he yelled back still running "ohh Haley here" Annie said not running after cal anymore "yep" Ashton said carrying most boxes "do you need help with the other boxes?" I asked her "no that's all I have" she said.. Me and Annie both looked at her in shock "really do you know how many boxes Annie had like about 32 and the huge boxes" I said "shut up it was only 21" Annie said "that's still a lot" I said to her.. But we walk to show her, her room that was on the seconds floor almost across from Annie next to cal and Ashton..

After making her room

Annie's PoV

We all decided to eat.. So we went to Nandos and cal and Hal won't stop talking

Calum's POV

I liked Haley but I didn't know if she felt the same so I just went to give it a try "ummm Haley can I tell you something?" I asked her

Annie POV:

No cal don't do it no

Luke POV:

I know where this is going do it cal hurry

Ashton POV:

Which turn I forgot to turn into the Nandos.. Did I pass it I think I did I'll just turn around

Michael POV:

I hate Bryan I cannot beat his score dammit

Haley POV:

"Umm can I tell you something?" Cal asked me "yeah" I said to him "okay I'll just go for it, Haley I really like you and I was wondering if you want to go on a date with me???" Calum blurted out.. I didn't say anything just sat there in shock

Calum POV:

Haley stood there in saying nothing, damn it cal your such an idiot you shouldn't have told her

Haley POV:

I came back to reality cal wants to go out with me "yes" I said to him and watched his face light up "damn it you couldn't wait till 2 more days" Annie said "what?" Cal asked "pay" Luke said and Annie said "here take the money" while she gave him $50 "wow you guys bet" I said to them "yep" Luke said happy "okay instead I have no money Luke pays for dinner" Annie said "but why??" Luke whined "you have more money so shut up" Annie said joking "let's eat somewhere cheap like dollar menu" he said "hahaha sarcasm we are still eating Nandos " Annie said..

At the restraunt

"Clifford" Michael said "right this way" the waitress "umm a table for 2" Calum said "umm you will have to wait for 5 minutes is that okay" the waitress said "yeah" he said "no cal you can have our table we'll wait" Ashton said "okay" so me and cal went to follow the waitress.. We talked and laughed for along then the other came "what?" Calum said "there are no more table so shut up cal" Annie said joking to him.. Cal and I talked more "okay I don't feel good" Annie said "why" I asked her worried "ohhh I don't know,, maybe because somebody flirting" she said pretending to be sick "ohh shut up" I said to her.. We all ate and went back to the house.. Me and cal walked up to my room and talked for a while "ummm Haley I know this is only the first date but I was wondering if you want to be my gi-" Calum was saying but got cut off by 3 boy and a girl "Luke you idiot" Annie said "not my fault I tripped over ashs foot" he said "okay we will leave now" Ashton said. And went out "any way,.. Haley do you wanna be my girl friend?" Calum asked "yes" I said to him "YAY" all 4 cheered "next 8 months" Luke said "next year" Annie said "cal you better not do anything tell next year" Annie said "no you can do what ever" Luke said.. I knew what they were Betting on now.. I whispered what their betting on and told cal. That's when he got down and one knee "Haley I've only known you for a while and I Luv you so I was meaning to tell you this and" he paused and looked at the other and they all had their mouths open "your shoe was untie and I didn't want you to fall" he said while tying my shoe.. We both started laughing while looking at their faces "that's bull sh*t" Annie said "don't swear" Ashton yelled.. We all laughed

We all decided to watch a movie Calum by my side and in the middle of the movie I feel asleep by Calum..

I woke up in my bedroom and I could hear Ashton and Calum cussing I do believe that they were cooking cause that's the only time they cuss that most..I walk in mocking Calums and Ashton's cussing

"Ha-ha so funny" Calum said

"You guys are bad at cooking you do know that right" I said to them

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious" Ashton said

"Here let me do it" I said to them they both looked happy when I said that and they left

I looked down at what they did and I saw burnt toast and pancakes and Calum failed at making fried eggs. I started making the pancakes,bacon and almost with the eggs when Ashton came in

"Whatcha doing" I said

"I thought I'll help cuz the lads are playing Fifa and I don't like to play that"


"I don't like football"

"Well I'm almost done"

"Okay I'll set the table"


By the time I was done ash was done with the table

"Go get every body now" I said


While Ashton went to get the others Annie came down.. "Morning" was all Annie said "need help" she said "no I'm all done ash getting the others" she said "okay" she said and sat down .. The others came and ate then Annie asked Micheal "Micheal do you wanna come with me to the mall to buy hair dye" "yeah" he said back to her "can we come" Ashton asked "yeah" Annie said then after we all finished eating.. we got ready.

So we went to the mall and Micheal and Annie went to look for hair die then came back with a lot but then Luke ash cal and Mickey left leaving me and Annie here we went to hotpic

We went looking around for about an hour till we met the boys back at the food Cort.

"Where you wanna go now" I asked no one in particular

"What about the beach" Ashton shouted "okay" we all said

So it was Me and Calum in one car ;)

Annie and Luke in another car

Ashton and Michael in another one

We all went to the beach well the others did me and Calum headed another way

"Calum where are we going"

"Hold on"


We drove half way across town to the bank

"Why are we here"I asked

"I send my mum some money every week and today I send the money to her" he said

"Okay" I said then calm went inside

While Calum was in the bank I went on my phone to go on Twitter

I had a thousand tweets from every one


Finally went to hot topic with @HaleyCade.. It was kool 😀


@HaleyCade was fun today going to the mall even though I don't go that much


@HaleyCade and @ItsAnnie thought one of you would get pizza at the food Court 😡 #NotKool


@HaleyCade was fun hanging out with you hahahaha..get lost about a 100 times though


@HaleyCade and @ItsAnnie today was fun..@Ashton5sos @Micheal5sos @calum5sos can we go to the beach plzzz..😁

When I finished reading the last one Calum come back

"Ready"he said to me


So we went to the beach and every body else was there also I jumped out and saw Michael and shouted at him

"Michael saw your tweet!!"

"You at least could of!!" He shouted back

When we finally got to where the others are Ashton was the first one to speak

"Finally you guys got here I bet a turtle could have been faster"

"Yeah..we had to stop somewhere first"Calum answers

"SSSUUURRREE" Annie says..

After we all headed toward the water..

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