My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


9. 8.

Annie POV:

"Michael hurry up and get out!" Luke yelled "hold on" he said "Michael hurry up" Calum said "hey Annie can I use your bathroom?" Ashton asked "yeah" I told him well at least he is smart to use another bathroom I thought to my self I curled my hair and put on a drees that was a light blue.. Then Ashton came out "ash do I look innocent?" I asked him "yeah" he said "what about me" he asked "ummm yeah" I said he wore black pants with a purple shirt "but get blue pants" I said "okay".. "Michael Gorden Clifford! It's 5:45" Luke said "Luke calm down your hairs fine just don't make it to quiffy" I said then Michael came out wear leather jacket black pants and a white t shirt "Michael you look like a punk" I said "that's what I'm going for" he said "try blue pants and take off that leather jacket" I said "fine" he said and went to change "Calum?" I asked "in the bathroom" he said the door still open "are you fixing your hair" I asked "yeah" he said.. So I walked in he was wearing blue jeans and I a purplish tanktop.. "Okay" I said "where's Luke" I asked him "in the kitchen" he said.. I walked over and saw light blue jeans maroon sleeved white shirt.. "Okay good., so I think we all look innocent now" I said it was 6:05 "we don't even look the same" Ashton said "yes it's suppose to be KINDA the same just a little more fancier" I said "okay" Ashton said.. Then I knock on the door

Haley pov:

My mum knocked on the doors down I waited nervously what if they dress all in black.. Annie opened the door. "Hi" she said "hi I'm Haley mum" my mum said "cal,ash,Michael,Luke?" She said "come in" she added we walked in.. They boys all walked in "just one girl?" My mum asked looking at me "yeah well your like brothers and sisters" Annie says.. They all nod "okay" my mum said

One hour later

"Yeah so I guess Haley can live here" my mum said "okay we'll take care of her" Annie said "okay" mum said "so when can she move in" Annie said "I guess tomorrow" mum said "okay that will be fine" Annie said "well I gotta get going now it was nice meeting all of you" mum said and hugged them "you too" Ashton said..

Annie PoV

I was so excited Haley will move in.. When the left Michael ran over to the fridge got out the pizza and threw the box and the table got like 3 cups of soda and walked back we all changed hahaha

The next morning

"CALUM YOU LITTLE PEICE OF SH!T!!!" Michael yelled "what did he do now" I asked Michael "he ate the last Piece of pizza!" Michael said "Calum!" I yelled "Annie!" He yelled back "calum" I warned "Annie" he warned back "Ashton" ashtom said walking in "dork" I said to him "hey Haley moves in today" Calum asked "I'll go to get her stuff" he said "no I'll go" I said "no I will" he said taking the keys "no I will coz I'm met her first" I said taking the keys back "we all met her at the same time" Calum said "I'll go bye" ashton yelled as he took the keys and ran out "see what you did" Calum said "shut up" i told him

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