My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


8. 7.

Haleys PoV:

5 minutes after the phone call ended my mum came back "hi Haley" she said "hi mum" I said back "came eat now" "okay I said.. I went in side and eat.. Today was Friday and tomorrow summer started.. Yes Australia only have 8 months of school.. I was done with my food and went back up stairs I had nothing to do so I turned on my music first song was check yes Juliet and kept going on with other songs then I got another call from Annie

Me: hello?

A: you know what sucks

Me: What

A: you don't have any 1D songs

Me: I do it's just not playing and how do you know

A: I can hear it

Me: ohhh

A: yeah well good night

Me: night

Then I hung up the phone and went to sleep..

I woke up the next morning to no one home

I got a txt from Annie

From Annie

Wanna go eat

To Annie


From Annie

Okay I'll pick you up

To Annie


Annie's pov:

I woke and and texted Haley if she wanted to eat and she said yeah so I went to get ready and on my way out I took Luke keys because my car was at my house "where are you going?" Luke asked "with Haley" I said "where?" He said "town" I said "and why my car" he said again "okay stop asking question and my car is at my house" I said "okay" he said "okay" I said.. while I was walking out Luke yelled "don't scratch it".. I shut the door and saw Micheal walking "where's Luke?" Micheal asked "He is inside" I said "okay where you going?" He asked "Haley".. I said and went to the car and drove off when I arrived "it's about time" she said while got in "sorry hahah so you wanna eat at Denny's" I asked "yeah" she said "okay".. We went there and ordered

Haleys pov:

We ordered then Annie asked "what are you going to do all summer" she asked "I don't know" I said to "ohhhhh" "yeah an-" I started but got cut off "HALEY!! ANNIE!!!" Micheal yelled and the other boys walked over. "we can't have one day without the boys" Annie said.. They sat down next to us "nope" Calum said.. "So what are we going to eat" Luke asked "me and Annie already ordered" I replied "I have a question" Luke said to Annie "what?" She said "why didn't you invite us to eat" he said "because we eat with you guys all the time" she said.. When the waitress came back the boys ordered "so who's paying" Calum said "I'm paying for Haley and I" Annie said "I'll pay for us boys" Micheal said "okay" the boys said.. We started talking about things the. Ashton said "guess what" "what?" Calum said "we got signed to Hi or Hey records" he said excitedly "how" Micheal asked "people recorded our gig and put it on YouTube so hi or hey saw the vids" he said "ohhh" Micheal "yeah and they interview will be tomorrow" Ashton said "okay" the boys said.. We all started eating then we left.. "So where are you going" Ashton said "I don't know but how did you guys get here" Annie asked "aleshiaaaa" Calum said annoyed "please just take us when You take one of our cars" Luke said "well you wanna go to the beach?" Annie said "yeah" we all said.. So Annie gave the keys to Luke and he drove us to the beach.. When we got there we acted like idiots, their were some girls that notice LCAM and asked for autographs but then we heard a voice "MICHEAL!" We turned and saw aleshia "dammit okay let's go now" Calum said and took off running with Luke and Annie and I ran to the car with Ashton "bye Micheal!" Ashton yelled .. When we got in Calum said "can we just have one day without seeing aleshia".. We drove back to Luke's house when we got there we went inside "let's just have a lazy day" Calum said "okay" we said., so we watched movies then Micheal came through the door "why did you leave me!" He said sounding mad "just break up with her" Annie said "why?" He said "because your always mad when you hang out with her alone" Ashton said "well I did break up with her and she just didn't want to agree with it" he said "so You did break up with her?" I asked him "yeah" he said in a relief "YAY!!!" We all cheered.. There's was a knock on the door "it's aleshia" Annie whispered yelled.. The boys and Annie went and hid somewhere so I went to open the door "where's Micheal" she said without saying hi "he's not here" I said to her "yes he is I followed him here" she said.., stalker much I thought to my self "but they left" I said to her "no I do-" she was cut off "Haley who is it?" Annie asked "Ohhh" she said "where Luke" she asked annie "he left with the boys" Annie said "where did they leave to" she asked "they went to the beach" I said "but they came back from the beach" she said "they forgot something over there" Annie said "Ohhh well umm tell them I stopped by" she said with a fake smile "okay" we said.. We watched her leave.. Then the boys came back "aleshia stopped by" I said sarcastically "really well we don't know" Calum said back sarcastically.. It was already 8:00 so we decided to go back "you coming Annie?" I said "no" she said "why" I asked "I'm going to say a little while" she said "really what wrong" I asked "nothing" she said "something wrong" I said "fine my mum kicked me out 4 days ago" she said "ohhhh" I said.. So we left after we said good byes..

In the morning the boys got ready to do their interview and me and Annie just watch them talk about "love" and all such.. Then the interview was over and we all went home

1 months later

They boys all bought a house it was huge they bought it with their money from hi or hey and jobs and a lil help from their mums.. Annie moved in cause she didn't have a place but Luke's and all the boys did too the house was 2 stories.. I asked my mum if I could live with them.. But she said she'd have to met them first so she was going to their house tonight.. I walk over to their house and it was messy "guys my mum will come over tonight and it looks so messy.. Annie don't you ever tell them to clean?" I asked her "tried many times but failed and gave up" she said "well start cleaning now" I said to her., Ashton was standing next to her and he did to "I'll wake the others" Annie said "need help" Ashton said "yep" she said.. I followed them first was Micheal they opened the door "Micheal wake up" Annie said "Micheal!" Ashton yelled but he didn't move "okay" Annie said.. They went to Calum's room and they did the same and he didn't move.. Luke was last and he moved but he pretend to be asleep.. They went back to the kitchen with a bucket of water "Haley can you get this one?" Ashton said "what do I do with it" I asked him "poor on cal" he said "Annie pours on mikey" he said handing her the bucket "and my Luke" he said "my Luke?" Annie asked "ready" Ashton said "I ship lashton" Annie said "yeah" I said to her.. so we all headed to their rooms I took cals "Calum?" I said but he didn't move I poured the water and he got up quickly "sh!t!" He yelled I started laughing "it's so cold" he said then I heard Luke scream than Micheal "ASHTON!" Annie yelled I heard her running "wanna hug?" Calum asked "no" I said he started coming closer I ran "ANNIE!" I yelled I found her hiding "what?" I whispered "Micheal" Annie said We heard their footsteps coming closer their were 3 so you can tell Luke was with them but then the passed us.. We got out but they found us "pool" Annie yelled and ran outside and jumped I did after "okay were soaked now we're even" I said "okay" they said "so why did you wake me up?" Micheal asked" it 1:30 and my mum comes at 6:00 and plus you should already be up" I said "and?" Cal said "we need to start cleaning" I said so that's what we did

*4 hours later*

"There done" I said we took out the trash, vacuumed, washed Dishes, swept etc. "okay I think we're done" I said "yeah" Annie said "wanna watch a movie!" Michael said "okay" we all said and sat down it we watched Lion king when it was over it was 5:30.. "Okay I think I'm going to get ready now" Annie said "okay" we said "and you guys to because haleys mum comes in like 30 minutes.. So I went home and got ready "Haley what time is it" my mum said "5:35" I said to her..

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