My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


7. 6.

Annie POV:

"I'll take the guest room" I said "okay then" Luke said "on Friday can we get my clothes" I asked him "yeah" he said

Haleys Pov:

We all waited for Annie to walk home but she didn't just Ash's phone rang

Ashton PoV:

I got a call from Annie

A: I'm okay

Me: what do you mean

A: I mean I can see you all

Me: ohhhh

A: yeah I'll be fine

Me: okay you sure your walking home

A: yeah.. Plus Luke can take me home

Me: okay goodnight

A: night tell the others I said night

Me: okay bye

A: bye

End of phone call

"She said good night" I said "okay" we all said..

Haleys pov:

we all piled in Ashton's car and he took us home we sang to songs on the radio then he dropped cal and I off "okay good night" I said to him.. And walk to my house but he followed me "umm where are you going??" I asked him "to your back yard" he said saying it like it was the most obvious thing in the world "ohhh yeah I forgot" I said remember that Calum just lived over the fence of my house.. We walked back yard and the ladder was still there "you still have the ladder??" Cal ask "well you just went over it like last week" I said to him "ohhh yeah I forgot" he said mocking me.. He climbed up the ladder but stopped "okay are you going to leave now" I said knowing my mum will be back soon and doesn't want her seeing Calum here "nope" he said "why not?" I asked Him "I don't know" he said "hurry you got to go now" I said "you got to give me a kiss first" he said "no because your on the top step just go now" I told him "fine" he said I thought he would climb over but he jumped down the ladder.. "What are you doing??" I asked "kiss on the cheek" he told me "no hurry and go" I said to him "no" he said not budging one bit "fine" I said and kissed him on the cheek "okay then bye" I said then he smiled and left just then my phone rang it was Annie *on the phone*

A: what the hell was that???!!

Me: what?

A: you freaken kissed Calum

Me: it was on the cheek and how do you know

A: look to your right

(I turned and saw Annie and Luke they waved)

Me: what are you guys doing here

A: we went to get ice cream and on the way back we say you and Calum

Me: if you went to get ice cream where is it?!

A: I dropped it when I saw

Me: ohhhhhhh well I gotta go my mum will be back soon

A: okay then bye

L: bye!!

Me: later and I'm just right here I can here you yell Luke

(He just chuckled)

A: okay bye

Me: bye

*end of phone call* . She waved and so did Luke when the call ended I waved back..

Annie PoV:

"I say next month" Luke said "what?" I asked him really confused "I bet you $40 they will have a date next month" he said "no cause Calum's kinda shy I say in 2 months" I said to him "no it will be next month" he said stopping "no because Calum won't have to guts to do it till next 2 months" I said stopping too "nope not if he really likes her" he said "of he likes her he will plan every thing out and what to make it perfect" I said "no" he said "fine $50 next 2 month" "no $50 next month" he said "deal" I said to him..

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