My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


6. 5.

Haleys POV:

"When you gonna tell them" Luke said from behind us "I don't know" Annie said "did you hear them" I whispered to Calum "yeah I did" he whispered back "I wonder what they gonna tell us" He said "I don't know" I said to him "maybe there gonna date" he whispered Calum always the one who Jumps to conclusions about dating...I started laughing... "Ewwww gross stop flirting" Annie said from behind us.. I felt my cheeks burn up......:::

When we got to the pup we went out side and said were are with the boys and they let us through "I'm nervous and excited" I said to her "yeah" she said back "what were you and Luke talking about" I asked "nothing" she said "can you tell me please" I said "no" she said "fine" I said to her.... They boys performed and they were a bunch of girls screaming at the end of the show "okay I think I'm going now" Annie said "umm okay I'll go with you" I said to her.. So we left out of the building "wait Haley!, Annie!" Calum yelled "where are you going?" He added in "away from there" Annie said pointing to the stage "what we weren't that good" he said looking a little hurt "no the girls screaming was just loud" she said "yeah" I told him "ohhhh ummm okay then" he said not looking that hurt anymore.. When the others come over Calum shouts "LETS ALL GET DRUNK." "AND ALL MAKE MISTAKES AND REGERT IN THE MORNING WITH A HANGOVER" Ashton mimics Calum we laughed at how Ashton did that "plus Annie and Haley aren't 18 yet and cal we aren't even 18" Luke said "yeah a okay maybe next 2 year" Calum said "okay" Michael said....

So we all walked over to Luke's house and talked about random things and watched a movie called finding Nemo "did you know Nemo is about a retarded gu-" I started but then Annie got me off "No,.you already told me and that ruined my childhood!!." Annie said really fast I started laughing and so did the other "ha-ha so funny" she said when the movie was over We all went home "Annie are you coming" I asked "no I'll walk home" she said I could tell she lied "okay but when you walk it's like 30 minutes away" Ashton said "no it's not its 20 you say it's 30 because you walk slow" Annie said "are you sure your gonna walk home" Michael asked "yes I'll be fine" she said "I okay just call if anythings happens" I said..

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