My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


5. 4.

Haley pov:

*3 months later*

"Hey guess what????" Ashton said "what?" Michael said "I got us a gig at a pub!" Ashton shouted "how much?" Calum said "well it's free" Ashton said that's when they all started cheering "okay so when is it" Luke asked "it's tonight" he said "what the f-" Michael started "don't swear" Ashton cut him off "it's 6 and you tell us know" Michael said "yeah it's starts at seven" Ashton the said "WTF" Calum said.. "Ummm can we go?" Annie said suggesting toward me and her "yeah" he said "okay well we should get ready now" I said "yeah" Ashton said.. So I got ready I took a shower then I put on black jeans and a plain white shirt then I finished Annie was ready blue jeans black shirt black converse "no" was all she said "what" I asked "you are not wearing a white shirt" she said "I'm going to wear a jacket over it" I said "okay" she said then the boys came down "Luke!" Annie yelled "what!" He yelled "we're leaving!" She said then he came down "how do you know that works" I ask "all ways does" Calum said...that's what I didn't know after 3 months of our friend ship.. But we started walking out

Annie's POV:

"So she did it" I told Luke "who?" He asked "my mum" I told him "you can stay with me" he said "okay" I said "when you gonna tell them" I said pointing to the others "I don't know" he said..

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