My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


4. 3.

Haleys pov:

I finally got back home and when I opened the door my mum was standing there "Where were you" my mum asked "I made friends and they asked if I wanted to see them practice then I did" I said to her "okay but just remember next time text me" she said "or call" she added.. "Okay" I said to her.. I went up to my room and changed and went to the back yard I lied in the grass while plugged my phone into my speakers.. Then after 30 minutes my mum called us for dinner I went inside and ate my food "okay I'm going to sleep now" I said to my mum and brother "okay good night" she said.. I was already in pjs so I went to bed...

I woke up and I put blue jeans with a mcr shirt with converse I went down stairs to walk into the kitchen and no one was here just then my mum texted me

Mum: I took Jordan to school

Me: okay

I walk out and saw Luke and Annie I walking up to them "Ello" Annie said "Hi" I said "Ello" Luke said "where are they others?" I asked them "I don't know" she said I knew she was lieing but I left it....

I got to school and only seconds later the bell ringed I went to 1 class then 2nd then 3 rd class then finally lunch meet up at lunch talk about random and stupid things then 4th 5th 6th and last class me and cal writing notes it on like that every day for 3 months

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