My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


21. 20.

Annie pov:

"Yes how may i help you" the lady asked "um it's her hair actually can you kinda put it in layers like trim it and make blue highlights like like it baby blue instead her hair is already blue and curl it then make tiny twist on her left side that's it" I said to her "okay" she said..

Haleys POV:

The lady grabed my arm and put my in the chair and washed my hair then got scissors "what?" I asked Annie "just trims" Annie said.. The lady reined my hair first. Then I noticed she was putting high lights.. She did all the work them wash my hair again and then she made tiny twist on one side .. The color didn't stand out yet because my hair was still a little damp and then she curled it.. "Okay all done" the lady said "thank you" I said to her "that's 59.00" she said "okay" Annie said, Annie gave her a card "okay here you go" she handed it back"who's card is that" I asked her "cals he let my borrow it for today there's only a limited on money on here" she said "then let's max it out" I said to her.. "Haha... No..coz he would kill us" We started walking "it's 7:00 what them does Calum take you out?" Annie asked "8:00"I said. We looked at each other and started running back to the hotel we ran down the hallway and into the room "hurry go get ready" Annie said.. When I was all done it was 7:30.. Okay there in done

Annie's POV:

So Haley finished getting ready she wear the shirt we bought her black jeans and black converse.. Just then a knock was on the door "I'll get it" I said I went to the door "where's Haley" Calum asked "well hello to you to" I said "she left" I said to him "really?" He asked "no" I said "she's right there" I said pointing at Haley.. He didn't say anything "wow" he said "just take her before you start kissing" I said.. He didn't say anything only grabs her hand and left I closed the door by then a knock on the door again "what did you forget now?" I asked while opened the door but Luke was there "ready?" He asked "for?" I asked him "our date" he said joking and with a smile "ha-ha" I said "did they leave?" He asked "yep" I said

Haleys POV:

Calum took me to Nandos to eat first then we went to the park just to hang out for a bit.. "So?" I said him "yeah" he said we sat on swinging and held hands.. We sat in silence but not like a award silence but like a comfortable silence

The next morning.. I woke up and switched to channels and Luke was sleeping in a chair and I notice I had syrup in the kitchen area yes the hotel has a kitchen area.. I grabbed it and went to Luke and poured it on his hair then Annie woke up "what are you do-" she asked the. Realise what I was doing "no Haley I like to play with that hair" she whined "well to bad" I said to her then the whole bottle was empty.. We went to the others room and notice they were all awake "what did you guys do" Ashton asked looking at the syrup "Haley poured syrup on Lukes hair" Annie said just then we heard screaming so loud it could've woke up the whole hotel "alright which one of you little peices of shit did this!" He yelled we all pointed at Annie and see how easy he went on her "I know that's not true" that's when the all point at me "revenge" he said and went back into out room.. We all busted out laughing.. We went to our room and Luke was taking a shower.. "Lucas hurry up we need to change" Haley yelled "well who's fault was it that there is syrup in my hair" he said "you hang around Michael to much you already got his sassiness" Annie yelled.. The. About 5 min ties he got out.. I went in first to change then I notice water was all over the floor "damn it Luke" I mumbled to myself "is the floor wet??" Annie asked "yep" I said well wiping it.. I got ready and told the guys we showed go see London more .. They agreed and then Annie got ready.. We met on the lobby the boys came down and Luke hair wasn't quiffed "aww Lucas looks cute" Annie said joking and playing with his hair "ha-ha" he said.. We all left and went to eat the. Just walking around town.. We all decided to make a group night so we watched movie and Michael went to die his hair in town I was next to Calum "sorry to still your girlfriend cal but I'm taking Haley now bye" Annie said "where we going" I asked "you are going to dye my hair" she said like it was the most obvious thing in the world "why can't to ask mickey" I said to her "cause he is not here and he'll do something different" she said getting the hair dye.. I went to dye her hair "ready?" I said "have you died anyone's hair before?" She asked me "nope so this should by fun" I said her "okay now having second thoughts" Annie said "nope no turning back now" I said to her and applied the bleach to her hair.. *30 minutes later*

"There done" I said to her "okay so what do we do for 25 minutes?" Annie asked "I can tell the guys to get us ice cream" I asked her "yeah" she said and I texted the guys of they can get ice cream they said the could and we watched a movie then 25 minutes were up and Annie took a shower.. The cal said they picked up Michael and we're heading out way about 20 minutes the water turned off and I heard the blow dryer.. The boys came in with ice cream "where Annie?" Luke said "bathroom" I told him.. Annie then came out her head red "no.. Now I have the same colour hair as mickey" she said I turned to look at Michael and his hair was the same colour.. We all burst out laughing "well at least its not the first time" Ashton said we laughed and watched more movies

*1 month later"

So we came back from London and cal and I are still dating there was up and downs but we're happy.. Annie and mickey stayed hair colour buddy's this time their hairs different colour.. Annie and Luke are now dating.. And me and cal bet on the wedding.. Ashton got a girlfriend and he's now happy.. Michael just hasn't found the ONE yet.. We planned on staying friends and that's how it will be..... :)

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