My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


3. 2.

Annie's pov:

So Haley said she couldn't go so we decided to still go "okay so who's paying?" I asked we all looked at Luke "I thought Ashton would" he said "I actually thought Michael would" ash said "when do I ever pay and cal was the one who would pay" Michael "but I thought Luke would" cal said.. Then they all looked at me "no" I said "plz" they said "only if cal with ask Haley on a date because we all know you like her now and stop starring at her" I said "deal" Calum said.. So we went to eat "so I kinda like Haley" I said "yeah me to" Ashton said "yeah she likes blink and Nickleback that's so cool" Michael said "yeah it will be cool to actually have another friend to hang out with" I said "I think i might get her before Calum does" Michael said "in your dreams" Calum said "at least she's in my dreams" Michael said with a cheeky grin.. Calum just gave Him a death glare "yeah anyway you got Alisha" Calum said to Michael that's when I decided me and Luke would leave "bye" I said to them and left

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