My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


20. 19.

Annie POV:

Haley and Calum lead the way toward almost everything.. They headed into this girly store. Me and Luke stopped right infront of it and looked at each other "I wonder if they are okay" I asked Luke... He just shrugged "i don't know".. But soon the came back out of the store "why didn't you tell us we were going in there" Haley asked "because you and cal are to busy making lovey dovy eye contact and not focusing on where you guys are going I left it" I said to her

Haleys POV:

"Well could've been a friend and helped" I said "but sometimes you gotta find out for your selfs" Annie said back

Calum POV:

Me and Luke just watched them fight or argue "should we stop them?" I asked him.. He nodded.. He help them stop when they did they looked at each other and started laughing..

Haleys POV:

"We sound like we're fighting but it really doesn't mean anything" I said "yeah" Annie said.. We decided to go back.. We walked in the hallway and Annie and I went inside our room and Luke and cal in their room but then Calum came back "hey should we tell them we're going on a date??" He asked me "yeah let's go" I said To him and walking in their room "hey guess what?" He said "what?" They all said "ME AND HALEY GOING A REAL DATE" he said "AND WE ARE TO!" Luke said while holding Annie hands "wait really" Calum asked "no" Annie said "surree" I said to him she just rolled her eyes.. "Okay so we are all good" Annie said "I'm going to sleep now" Annie said "me to" I said.. So me and Annie walked back to our room and went to sleep..

Annie POV:

I woke up when Haley was still asleep "why" I said I never get up early.. I got up and got ready with blue jeans and black shirt and a jacket with converse.. I went down to the lobby and took an apple and went out to take a walk.. It was still dark and when to the park.. There was some one there I went over to them and Luke was there "Ello" I said to him "hi" I said "what wrong" I asked "I can't sleep" he said "me either" I said to him.. We sat there till the sun was fully out "wanna go back now" Luke said "yeah"I said. We walked back Luke held my hand on the way back..but we weren't anything just friends. We got back "bye Luke" I said to him "bye" he said back.. I went inside to take a shower..

Haleys POV:

I notice Annie was gone but then I heard footsteps and I pretend to be asleep.. I notice she took a shower because I can hear it.. I went on my phone Twitter nothing snapchat nothing but just pics on 5sos of us hanging out and Annie pic of the sun and her and Luke..I heard the water go off and hide by the door and she opened the door "RAWR" I said "ahh" she screamed and jumped "don't do that" she said.. I started laughing.. "Hey guess what?" She said "you went out with Luke?" I said "what? No" she said "then what?" I asked "to night is the night YOU go on your date" Annie said "I know" I said I was excited.. We went to eat Annie told Luke and cal they wanted to come but then she said no.. So we left to get ice cream.. Then we went to the mall.. "What about this one" Annie help up a light pink shirt "ha-ha" I said. We were looking for clothes for tonight but we couldn't find anything.. "Let's go to hot topic they probably have something" I said "doubt it" Annie said. We walked in there we find SOME. "How about this one" I said holding up black blouse with a red belt "yeah put looks like your going to a punk concert" she said "what about this one" she said and held up a neon baby blue shirt with a thin black belt "okay" I said we got it.. And decided to get my hair done it was already 5:00.. We walked in Annie told them how to do it

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