My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


19. 18.

Annie's POV:

I woke up at 7:00 and this is the earliest I woke up.. Then I notice that Haley wasn't here.. I knocked on the bathroom door but it was just silence.. That's when I opened it and there was nothing "Haley?" I said aloud.. Nothing.. "Haley?" I said a little louder.. Nothing... It was 7 so Luke and cal were up I went toward the door but on the way there was a knock I opened it and Luke was standing there "have you seen Haley" I asked really nervous "well good morning to you" Luke said "well good morning and have you?" I said again "nope I was gonna asked you about Calum" he said. Just then he got a tweet and I did at the same time

Tweet from

Liz Hemmings

"Wow you really have your mums Twitter?" I asked him "yeah so what?" He said "mamas boy" I said joking "shut up" he said "and YOU have MY mums Twitter" he said "yeah so" I said "well hahah" he laughed "shut up" I said to him.. I looked down and read it loud but not too loud

Liz Hemmings

I didn't know Calum had a girlfriend @haleycade

"Ohh no she didn't want the fans to know yet" I said.. "Let's go" I said pulling Luke hand and ruining to the stairs "way don't we take the elevator" he said "it's to slow" I said "hurry" I said "I didn't know elevators are slow" he said "shut up and run" I said annoyed "fine" he stated running down the stairs.. I looked at it and only 2 people saw it and it was me and Luke.. We exit the hotel "okay where are we go-" I said but I got him off by pulling him "your mums work" I said "she works in Sydney" he said "not anymore" I said still running.. We finally reached her work it's hard to pronounce "ohh I've been here it-" he said "let's go in" I said pulling him in.. We passed Haley and Calum and now I know where they were

Haley POV:

We saw Annie and Luke running this way Annie was pulling Luke inside and she saw us but then went to the counter and asked for Liz ..

Annie's POV:

"Yes can I help y-" the girl at the counter asked "where's Liz Hemmings" I asked "right there" she said pointing toward Liz coming this way "hey I got your tweet and Haley and cal kinda didn't really want anyone to know they were dating yet" I said her really fast but she understood "ohh okay I'll delete it" she said while Looking at them..

Haleys POV:

Liz looked at us and nodded then back at Annie..

Luke's POV:

I was still shocked my mum or Annie didn't tell me mum was here

Calum POV:

Me and Haley were just watching Liz and Annie talk

Ashton's POV:

I woke up and notice cal and Luke were gone and Michael was still sleeping I went next door and Annie and Haley were gone to.. I checked Twitter but nothing was there just a deleted tweet Liz tweeted and was erased.. I just left it alone and went back to sleep..

Annie's POV:

"Okay i deleted it" she said "okay thanks you" I said

Liz POV:

"Your welcome" I said to Annie.. Then I realized Luke was standing there.. "Hi Luke" I said "hi mum" he said "why didn't you tell me you were here" He asked me "I was going to surprise you, did Annie tell you" I asked "no" he said "good okay j gotta go now I'll see you soon or later" I said "okay"

Haley POV:

Annie was walking over after talking to Liz "so why didn't you asked us to come" she asked me "we were hungry and can't wait tell you guys woke up.. And why you up so early?" I lied to her to cover up Calum and I "I couldnt sleep" she said taking a bit of my food that I got 5 minutes ago.. Just then Luke came.. Cal and I were holding hands under the table "why can't you just hold your hands on the table already we already know you Guys are dating" she said but Luke was spaced out "what's wrong" cal asked him "first I didn't know you left here. 2nd I didn't know Annie would ever wake up early, 3rd I didn't even know my mum worked here" he said "ohh well we were hungry so we came here, and yeah I didn't know Annie would wake up early to, and yes your mum does work here" I said to him "okay" He said just forgetting what happened.. Me and cal were holding hand under the table still.. "Okay we are gonna go now" Annie said "bye Liz" Annie said "bye" she said back "bye mum" Luke said "bye Lucas" she said back.. "Finally" Calum said.. I was looking out the window and saw Annie turned around and make a heart shaped with her hand. I laughed "what?" Calum said "nothing" I said to him.. Then We laughed and talking about random and stupid things.. Then we decided to walk back to the hotel.. "Breakfast was good thank you" he said kissing my forehead and hugged me.. We got inside and took the elevator up to our room or my room.. I opened the door and when I did Luke fell off the bed then me Annie and Cal were laughing "ha-ha so funny, that hurt" he said "what happened?" I asked her "me and Luke were playing that hand thingy game member the one where you have to slap the top persons hand?" She said "yeah" I said "well we were playing that and Luke was sitting at the edge of the bed so he fell" she said "ohhhhh hahah loossser" I said "ha-ha" he said again and got on Annie bed again far away from the edge this time "okay so what do you guys wanna do" Calum said "I don't know" I said to him.. We both looked at Annie and Luke "I don't know" they said at the same time "and if we are going any where tell Luke to get ready first then the next 30 minutes we will get ready" Annie said "why" he asked "because you take for ever" I said to him.. "no I don't" he said "yes you do" Calum said "see 3 against 1" I said.. "So are we going or??" Annie said "well where do you wanna go" I asked them "ice cream! Then the park" Annie yelled the first park and added the 2nd part "okay Luke go get ready" I said "ha-ha" he said.. And went to out to his room.. Then came back "cal you got the room key" he asked "no" Calum said "isn't Ash and Mickey in there" he said.. "No" he said.. So I called Ashton

On the phone

Ash: Ello love

Me: Ello ummm where are you guys at

Ash: we went to eat and maybe me and Mickey might get new shoes where are you guys at??

Me: ohh we are at the hotel and Luke and cal forgot their keys

Ash: ohhhh umm we went be back till later

Me: okay later

Ash: later love

End of phone call

"Who's that" Annie said "Ashton" I said "what did he say" she said "he said micheal and him won't be back till later on and they went out to eat" I said "ohh" she said "so you guys won't be able to get your keys" she said "Luke you could've got the keys" Calum said "but you went out first you could've been the one to get the keys" Luke said "but I would've been back before you guys woke up so I didn't need the key" Calum argued "but you should took the key just in case" Luke said..They started arguing. Annie and I were looking at them laughing. I didn't know Annie had the key until she pulled it out and said but only loud enough for me to hear it "look".. Me and Annie starting laughing.. "Annie has the key" Calum yelled "you saw" Annie said shocked "yeah" he said "let's see it then" Calum said "no" she said "fine then" he said he started tickling her "Haley here" she said and tossed the key... I got it. But then Luke and cal started tickling me "Annie" I yelled and tossed the key.. They starting tickling her "Haley" she said and threw it.. But Calum reach it and got it "how did you get it" Calum ask "I don't know" she said.. Luke tickled her "okay fine Luke had it but dropped while taking to his mum so I picked it up" she said "see I did take it" Luke said "but you would've lost it" I said "yeah no go get ready" Annie said.. So me and Annie got ready.. I took a shower first then Annie did I wore a black shirt with blue pants and converse.. I sat down and I got a txt

From cal🙊: I have one more question

To cal🙊: what is it??

From cal🙊: do you wanna go on a REAL date with me???

To cal🙊: yeah when

From cal🙊: tomorrow night

To cal🙊: okay

From cal🙊: okay

"It's about time" Annie said looking over my shoulder "wow" I said to her "soooo?????" She said "what?" I asked "what?? Your going on a date with Calum" she said "I know" I said really excited Annie wore black jeans with a grey shirt and converse.. Just then a knock was on the door "go get it, it's maybe cal" she said.. I walked over and Luke was standing there "where's cal?" I asked "yeah worry about your boyfriend and not how fast I got ready" Luke said and went to sit down "he's still in our room getting ready".. Ohhhh Annie and Luke watched tv and I was on my phone when cal came through "how did you get through" I asked him because he needs a key to get through ""Well I have a key to your room" he said "really so what you can just come in anytime now" Annie said "yeah pretty much" he said.. "Okay are you guys ready now" cal asked "yep" I said.. So all went down the hall way and me and cal were holding hands.. We decided to go Denny's because Annie and Luke didn't eat only me and cal.. We ordered and talked about random things.. We went into the mall for a while and we walked through almost every store..

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