My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


18. 17.

Annie pov:

Luke walked over "can I have ice cream?" He said "no" I said to him

Hayley's pov:

"Plz???" Calum begged "no" I said to him

Annies pov:

"Plzzzzzzz??" Luke pleaded "I said no" I told him

Ashton pov:

I saw Luke and Calum look at each other and smirk i already knew what was going to happen it like the both have the same mind.. They started tickling Annie and Haley.. "Micheal-- hold-- the ice- cream-- I'm-ma- drop it!" Haley said between her laughed "mine--to- ash" Annie said.. Michael and I both went over there to get the girls ice cream..

Haley's POV:

I felt Michael take the ice cream from me

Annie POV:

I can tell that Ashton took the ice cream

Haley POV:

Calum stopped tickling me and Luke stopped tickling Annie "okay can we have our ice cream back now" I said to Mikey's and ash. We looked at them and they were eating it "awwww" we all said.. Me and Annie looked at each other then ran after Mickey and ash .. But then they left our room and went to their room "dang it" Annie said.. "Well Km tired I'll see you tomorrow" luke told us "okay bye Luke" Annie said "later" i said to him "I gotta go too" Calum said "okay" I said to him.. Annie went to take a shower then I did.. When I got out she was on her phone then her phone rang..

Annies pov:

When Hal got out of the shower

My phone rang and it was Luke

On the phone

Me: Ello

L: Ello love

Me: Ello why did you call

L: go check your closet

Me: okay?? ("Who's it?" Hal asked) ("Luke" I said back to her)

L: tell Haley to look to

Me: okay? ("Luke said to check the closet")

We walked to the closet and there was only the pizza box and left it up and it was light

Me: you guys ate it all?"

L: yeah

Me: but that was a huge box

L: Hahahah

Me: but haleys and I wanted cold pizza..

L: you guys are weird

Me. And proud to be

L: well we took some slices

Me: and

L: I'll give you four slices if you come over and won't tell Michael

Me: okay I'm going now..

End of phone call

"Haley lets go across" I told her "okay".. We knocked on the door.. "Can we have the pizza now" I said "no we gotta get a kiss first" Luke said "yeah sure" I said taking the pizza while using sarcasm.. I looked at Haley and she was blushing and so was cal.. "Let's go" I said to Haley.. We walked back to our room and I had the key this time.. I didn't say anything about cal or Haley because I'll know I will have to get used it... Just then I feel asleep and so did Haley......

Haley POV:

I woke up to a txt

From cal🙊:

Good morning love

To cal🙊:


From cal🙊:

Get ready and I'll knock at your door In 30 minutes

To cal🙊:

Okay Annie's still asleep..

So I got ready.. And I wore a regular grey shirt with light blue jeans and black and white converse.. I was ready then 3 minutes later there was a light knock on the door. I opened it and cal was standing there.. "Ello ready" he said while smiling "Ello where are we going" I said "just lets go" he said "hahaha okay, I'm gonna tell Annie I'm leaving though" I said "we'll be back before she wakes up anyway" he said "okay".. We walked and cal was holding my hand.. And we walked out of the hotel down toward some place I can't pronounce.. "What is this place" I asked him "it's where you can eat breakfast and only breakfast as long as you want 24/7" he said while smiling "why didn't you asked the others of they want to come?" I asked him "just because we always are ALWAYS with them And plus I get to hold her hand in public" he says swinging our arms "I wanna hold your haaannnd" I sang the song from the Beatles "I wanna hold your hand" he singed "you know that song?" I asked "well of course who wouldn't" he said laughing and smiling.. We walked for a while then he stopped at asked "Haley why do you like me?.. There's Ashton Luke and Micheal?.." He asked "because your funny and can never be to serious about most things, your caring about your Best friends, and your carefree, mostly like me so yeah will at least that's what Annie told me" I said to him "Annie told you I'm carefree and all that stuff" he said "No I know you are carefree and funny.. Annie told me that I'm carefree can never take most things seriously" I said to him "ohhhh" he said "okay why do you like me then out of so many girls why me??" I asked its that question I always wondered "because your funny, I can joke around with you with out offending you, your protective of the people your care about and I can acted childish together and annoy the others".. "Ohhhh" I said to him.. We didn't say anything.. Then he kissed my check and started walking again while swinging our arms.. And now I don't regret waking up and taking "a walk" with Calum.. So we walked inside and we ordered but when I ordered I notice Liz was taking giving drinks to people right In front of us.. She walked toward the counter Intel she saw us or Calum.. "Hi Calum!. Where's my baby boy?" She said smiling "he's still at the hotel" cal said "and did you work at the other restaurant in Sydney?" He asked "ummm yeah but I forgot to tell you boys that I'll be living here now so instead Annie told me you guys were coming I just told her instead" she said "hi Haley" She said again nodding at me "hi Liz" I said to her "she's now my girlfriend" he says excited while squeezing my hand "well you better take good care of her" she said "I will" he said while looking into my eyes.. Then we ordered and ate

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