My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


17. 16.

Annie's pov:

The boys walked in and I got a txt but it was on haleys bed and I was wondering how it got there "cal can you pass me my phone" I asked "okay" he grabbed my phone and tossed it

Txt message

From: Luke😁

I smell pizza?!


Well we don't have any

From: Luke😁

Your lying

To: luke😁

No I'm not

From: luke😁

Okay fine I'll make you tell me where it's at

To: luke😁

No you won't

From: luke😁

Yes I will

Luke looked at me with a smirk and I already know what's gonna happened every body knows how to make me tell by tickling me.. He started walking toward me I got up and ran out and went but my ankle hurts, Luke was running.. I went to There room I took the keys before I left

Haley pov:

Annie dropped her phone on the way out when Luke chased her so I picked it up her phone it wasn't locked and showed a txt from Luke, and showed her txt and Luke smelled the pizza, I put her phone down on her bed and went to sit down on my bed

"Cal do you smell pizza?" I asked him "no why?" "Just asking" that's when Luke came back in.. Me and cal sat close to each other and he was holding my hand behind our backs.. Then Annie came in.. And Luke tackled her and tickled her "Haley!" Annie yeld "what?" I asked "help me" she yelled "no I'm good" i said to her.. Then Ashton started tickling and Micheal so Micheal Luke and Ashton were tickling her me and cal were just laughing.. When they were down Annie was breathing hard..She got up had a smirk on "no" I said I knew what she was gonna do but she didn't move any closer then I notice Calum was tickling me "Annie!" I yelled "im good" she said then Micheal and Ashton tickling me I was trying to tell them to stop but i was laughing to hard

Then the boys stopped tickling me then after a while Annie and Ashton were playing paper rock Scissors. Me and cal were looking at the Telly😋.. "Micheal can you at least stay on one channel" I said to him "no!" Micheal shouted.they got bored so they did a twitcam in the bathtub "Haley lets go get ice cream" Annie said "I wanna go" Luke said pouting while the others on the twit cam "no" Annie said.. And closed the door.. We got in Luke's car Annie took his keys on the way out..

"So would you ever thought that the boys would make it this far" Annie asked "no and yes.. Hahah".."do you remember all the girls would ask us why we liked them and all the girls hated them coz the listened to rock" she said "yeah.. Hahaha" i said "and you and cal were like the weirdest people alive, and Us And Ashton were like the dare Devils" she said... "Hahahah" I laughed I still remember that "do you remember when they formed a band and later Ashton came for a band practice" she said "yeah he came in shy and nervous remember I was the first one to say Hi and you were just standing there but then said hi later" I said "I kinda think Ashton could have a solo in a song because we sing good" she said "yeah but then it's hard to sing and play drums at the same" I said "yeah that's true" she said.. We got there.. "What can I get for you too" the boy at the counter said he looked around our age "I'll have cookie and cream" Annie said "and I'll have ummm" I said "i know what you can have" the boys at the counter said with a wink "you don't even know her first or last name and she taken anyway" Annie said like not even a seconds after he said it "sorry" he said "forget lets go" Annie said pulling me back out side "so we're going to cold stone???" I said "yep" Annie said and drove "you didn't say anything" Annie said "I was but you were too fast" I said to her defending myself "yeah true" Annie said back to me.. "Hahaha" Annie laughed "what" I asked her "he was a little cute though" Annie said "okay then" I said to her.. We arrived at cold stone and we went in "may I help you" a lady said behind the counter "yes I'll have a cookie and cream i love it cup" Annie said "and I'll have the same size but with mint chocolate chip"I said "okay" she said we sat down and waiting then she called Annie's name "Annie".. We got it and left.. We drove back to the hotel "are you going to open the door?" I asked her "I thought our had the key" she said to me.. We knocked on the door.. Ashton opened it "Ello" I said to him and walked in .. When we walked in Cal and Luke pouted "what?" Me and Annie said at the same time we both looked at each other and laughed "I want ice cream" Calum said "no" I said to him

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