My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


15. 14.

Haleys POV:

We hanged out for a while watching movies eating pizza then When we decided to go to sleep., I saw Annie and Luke sleeping on the couch I wanted to wake them because the couch isn't comfortable but u know Annie isn't a morning person so I left it I went up to my room looked at every thing and most of my stuff is in boxes i didn't take every thing because we'll come back so I soon fell asleep..

In the morning I had to get up to take all our things to the car because we had to leave today but when I woke up everything was gone all the boxes I went down to the kitchen and Calum Ashton and Michael was there "I put all your things in the car already" Calum said to me "okay" I said to him " where's Luke and Annie" I asked them "Luke and Annie are still sleeping but we put there thing in the car already" Ashton said "okay when do we leave from here in 3 hours and then we go to the airport wait for about 30 minutes then go" Michael said "okay" I said ....


I woke up and notice the water was on so I think Luke was taking a shower I went on Twitter and nothing snapchat and nothing new.. "Ello" Luke said "Ello" I said back to him Luke was already ready "Im gonna take a shower now.." I said "okay" he said and left.. So I went to go get sweat pants and a nirvana shirt in my room.. Then I went back to take Lukes shower because I don't have one of my own.... When i came out Luke was still there "why aren't you down there" I asked him "I'm still packing" he said "ohhhh" I walked down and saw the others in the kitchen "Really your gonna wear that?" Haley asked me "well we'll be on a plane for about 8 hours" I said so we all decided to go in two cars Luke's and Calum. In calums car was Me, Calum and Haley in Luke's car was Michael Luke and. Ashton.. On our way the the airport we mostly sang songs to whatever come on.. We got to the airport and we took our bags from the car and went in..

Annie's pov:

"Annie where's haley??" Calum asked me "food Court" I said to him "and she tells you and not me" he said "your not her father and plus I'm her best friend" I said to him "yeah but I'm just wor-" I cut Calum off "awww just because your her boyfriend" I teased him "Hahah may-" Calum got cut off "where's haley" Ashton says "food court" I say again just then haley came back with two ice cream cones "here you go" she said handed me one "thanks you" I said back "I don't get one" Calum said.. "No!" I said to him.. Just then they called our flight to go.. My plane ticket Said seat 18 so I went on the plane and sat on 18. Haley got 15 across from us haley and I sit next to the window but then Luke had 17 he sits next to me calum got 16 next to haley..

Later on I put my head phones on instead I can't really do anything because we fly for 8 hours but this plane is huge..

Haleys POV:

I sat next to calum and I got the window which is cool I started listening to music I looked over and Annie is still listening to music while asleep Luke when to the back with Michael (not that way) they went to get a drink and to eat something calum was on my side listening to music also..(music crew✈️🎧) but I went to sleep because I was tired..

I woke up and calum was gone Annie was still sleeping "Annie!" I said to her she didn't move "annie!" I said a little louder "leave me alone" "where's calum" "I don't know" she said still closing her eyes "where's Luke and Michael and Ashton" I said "I don't know" she snapped "okay fine" I said to her Annie's not a morning person ever.. I went to the back I heard their voices and then heard that they wear taking about a football game or just laughing around "umma going to check in the girls if there still asleep" calum said I heard foot steps so I ran back down to my seat and pretend to be asleep.. Calum soon sat down and checked but then fell asleep.. And didn't go back to the others

"Haley" calum whispered "what" "we have landed" he said "okay" I aid to him "Haley" Luke said "what?" I said "Annie won't wake up I kept saying hear name but she won't" he said looking worried "Ohhh I know" I said to him, he moved out of the way so I could be right next to Annie "Annie" nothing "annie we have landed" nothing "Annie" I said but there's still nothing "ugh" I said tired, but I know what to do "Annie look it's Thomas Brodie-Sangaster

and he's here!" I yelled and fan girled at the same time "where!" She jolted awake "just kidding" I laughed at her "I hate you" she said looking at me "I luv you" I said back to her.. We started walking out the airport "do we walk or what?" Annie said "no Calum rented car" Luke said "what?!!" Calum said "so you didn't rented one" Luke said "where's Ashton" I said " I don't know" Calum said "where's Michael?" Annie said "I don't know" Calum said "Hey get your Asses over here" Micheal yelled from the parking lot.. We walked toward them "how did you get this" I said "I rented the car, I would know cal would forget" he said.. We all looking at Calum.. And laughed.."So where do you guys wanna go" calum said "I'm hungry" Michael and Ashton said at the same time "alright" cal said "okay" while we went to Nandos I got passenger seat and every once in a while calum would sneak looks at me.. When we got there we orders or drink first then food as always.. Me and cal sat on the other side of the booth.. Annie was by the wall then Luke then Ashton and last Micheal "scoot over" Annie said "I can't or I'll be sitting on the ground" Micheal said "well go sit on the ground" Annie said.. Micheal just rolled his eyes.. Me and cal were holding hands under the table.. "What do you want to eat?" Calum asked me "ummm I don't know" i said back to him "can I take your drinks" a waitress said she looked around her 40ies "I'll have a Dr. Pepper" I said "I'll have a Dr.pepper also" Calum said "I'll have a raspberry tea" Annie said "and I'll have a raspberry also" Luke said "and I'll have a dr.pepper" Ashton said "I'll have a dr. Pepper too" Michael said "her names Mary" Annie Said "how do you know" I asked "it's on her name tag".. Then later the waitress came back with our drinks and orders our food then left.. "You guys want to go to the carnival later" Annie said "okay" I said.. Then later on our food came me and cal were still holding hands but then I let go of cals hand and started eating When we finished we all went into the car and went to the carnival.. we were walking around and then we saw "They Vamps" me and Annie fangirled a little not like screaming but getting jittery "Ello" Tristan said to us "hi" I said "I'm Tristan this is James, Bradley but we call him brad, and Connor" Tristan introduced the band when they are lined up "umm don't mean to be rude but you guys should go" I said to them "why?" Brad said Annie pointing behind them and there was thousand of screaming girls running toward them "yeah we should" brad said "wait!" Annie said "yes?" James said "can I have a hug?" She said to them she hugs then from brad James Tristan and Connor I asked the same thing and I got hugs too then we walked off toward the others "I am never going to wash this shirt" Annie said "uhhh okay?" I said to her when we passed the girls some of them were rude and some where nice.. When we found ash we asked where they others are he said at the food court we walked that way "finally" cal said "I'm tired now" Annie said "we didnt do anything" ash said "yeah I know but I am too" I said to them "I'm was maybe to excited of what happened it took all the energy out of me" Annie said "yeah maybe" I said, so we decided to go to the hotel the boys stayed in one room while me and Annie stayed in another room because the boys had rent two rooms for Luke and ash and cal and Michel me and Annie took one room and the boys took another room.. When we got inside I feel asleep without changing...

In the morning I woke up by knocking on the door I opened it and there was ash cal and Luke "why are you guys here" I asked them not Ina rude way "Michael got mad at us cause we are too loud when he's sleeping he's not a Morning person" I let them in and I got ready in the bathroom took a shower then had blue jeans and the Beatles shirt with converse "Haley i thought Annie was awake" ash said "nope" I said back to him then they were watching a football game and were too loud "ugh! Shut up!"Annie said they quieted down about for about 5 minutes then they got louder that's when she got out of bed "okay im going to get ready instead I won't be able to sleep" she got up and I could hear she's taking a shower I started watching the football game too but It was a little boring so I went in Twitter.. Annie came out wearing a grey shirt shirt and black jeans with converse "okay I'm finished" she said "is Michael still sleeping?" Annie said "I don't know" Luke said "ohhhh" Annie said "I'm hungry" I said "okay let's go eat" Calum said "let's go with Michael" Annie said "I'll call him" she said

In the phone

A: Ello are you up???

M: yeah I'm going over there now

A: okay

End phone call

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