My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


14. 13.

Annie's POV:

The guys left so me and Haley were bored so we went to the music room and played a coupleu of songs.. I found out like 2 weeks ago that Haley can play the flute and guitar she never told anyone.. I knew how to play the guitar but I quit on it and played the piano instead.. While we played I decided to get pizza I told Haley and she said okay.. I went there and I told Haley no ice cream or candy.. But I bet she will anyway..

Haley POV:

Annie left and I ate ice cream and candy I got jittery then someone knocked on the door but I didn't answer just coz..

Annie POV:

While waiting for the pizza I got a call from Calum

Calling on the phone

C: Ello

A: what do you want cal?

C: well nice talking to you to Annie

Just wondering where do you keep you keys

A: where the one I gave you guys?

C:yeah um I left in the house

A: I did to but you can climb up to my room the window isn't locked

C: okay bye

A: bye

End Of Phone Call

Calums POV:

"Annie said that one of us climbs to her room" I said to them "so who's going" I asked "you" ashton said.. "Fine" so I climbed on the wall to the room when I got to the room I climbed into the window her window isn't locked.. When I got in side I lost my balance and fell..when I went into her room there's was posters of blink 182,green day, us, one direction, Metallica, nirvanas smiley there's was pictures on her wall. And she had pictures on her dresser one with her and a boy, then her haley Jordyn and 7 other girls, and her and haley with Jordyn at Starbucks , then one with her Haley and all of us and one with her and two boys, the last one i saw one boy standing there the same one in the first one But I soon left her room to find Haley

"Haley!" I yelled "Haley!" I yelled again

"Rawr!" Haley yelled from jumping out of new where..she started laughing.. Soon she started jumping "I'm all jittery again" she yelled "I'm hyper" she said with a big smile on her face..

maybe it's fun for her being hyper but not fun for the people with her.. "Haley why are you hyper?" I Asked her " I ate ice cream and candy" she said " okay wanna watch a movie?" I asked her "yeah" she said

I put in the maze runner every time "newt" would she would fangirl but when it got to the part where the gladers were in a tunnel and there was knocking on the door.. Luke, Micheal and Ashton "you left us in the dark" Michael said "and in the cold" ashton said "it's not cold because we're in Australia" I said to them.. Just then Annie came back with 2 boxes of pizza and got attack by Micheal.. Micheal went into the kitchen and started eating... "Hehehehe newt" Annie giggled when she said that we all looked at her "hahah yeah" Haley laughed also.. "Do you guys always fangirl over boys" I asked Haley and Annie "no just Annie" Haley said "not uh! When" Annie protected "when we were In middle school and went to a play and u had a crush on that high school boy that played as the monkey" Haley said " that's only one Time when else" "When you fangirl over to Thomas Brodie sangaster" "fine and when else" "when we were watching a video in history and you fangirled over the boy with blonde fringes" HALEY said then she looked at luke and then back at Annie "and you fangirl over lu-" Haley was cut off "okay I fangirl a lot but I go for the personality first them being cute is just a bonus" Annie said "wait what's the last one you were gonna say" i say to Haley " she fangirls over luke" Haley said fast so Annie won't cut her off "no I don't I already knew him before he was famous so it's not called fangirling"" Annie's says "yeah it is because Luke is now famous and you fangirl" Haley said I looked at luke and he was just standing there smiling at Annie and Haley fighting "okay fine I have crushes on boys" Annie's says "I knew it" Haley says. Then Micheal came back in "what were we talking about??" He said with a stuffed mouth.. We all laughed..

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