My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


13. 12.

Haley pov:

After Calum and I were done taking the bags in that carried nothing but Food and clothes. ashton came in the kitchen were we all were. "Lads we gotta head to the studio" ashton said "No" Calum said "why?" Ashton said to Calum "because it's boring as fu-" Michael got cut off by Ashton hitting him "ow!" Michael said while rubbing his shoulder "don't swear!" Ashton yelled "but anyway we gotta leave" Ashton said "no I don't wanna leave Haley" Calum said while hugging me from my back "awwww" Annie and Micheal said then they giggled after. "Micheal your such a girl" Annie said joking "But you guys have to go don't you" Annie said "yeah well..but I don't wanna leave" Luke said "plzzz I wanna listen to more 5sos songs" Annie said "but we aren't even that good" Michael said "yeah" Luke said "just go" I said to them "fine" Calum and Luke said at the same time "wait!" Calum screamed "what?" I asked him "cuddle?" Calum said in a high pitched voice "no" I said to him"hey I thought you told me that I can only cuddle with you" Luke said while pretending to have a hurt look on his face and pouting "just go already!" Annie yelled "okay okay" Calum they left "so what are we going do" I asked Annie and ..

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