My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


11. 10.

Calums pov:

"Sssuuurrree" Annie said after awhile the others have left so it's only me and Haley I started sing kiss me kiss me and Haley sang the course "so kiss me kiss me kiss me " I wish" I said i to myself

We just sat down on the sand watching the waves of the was about sunset when I got a tweet from Luke


@CalumHood and @HaleyCade

The two love birds xxx😍😜.#HALUM!!


@LUKE5SOS hahah shut up. 😜


@HaleyCade @Luke5SOS aww look she's blushing..


@ItsAnnie you can't even see me so how would you know???


@HaleyCade because your my best friend and I know you

We both sat there in silence not like an awkward silents but like in a comfortable silence.. After about 15 minutes of looking out into the ocean we decided to go home so we went back to my car instead it was getting dark..

Haleys POV

We decided to go back now so we went into Calums car we were going home on our way home we heard a song by 5sos it went

"We're taking the long home (taking the long way home)

Take me back to the middle of no where

Back to the place only you and I share

Remember all the memories

The fireflies and make believes

Kicked back at the old school yards

Singing songs with my guitar"

I started to sing the song

"Calum are we taking the long way home?"

"Why do you want to??"

"Yeah" I said so fast


"Haha" I laughed

We started sing the rest of the song

After the song ended we arrived back at the house

"Haley Haley Haley guess wat guess wat??" Ashton said

"Wat wat??" I said

"You are coming with us to London..wooh!!" Ashton said

"What??" I wasn't very happy I had to ask my mum

"Can Annie come?" I asked hoping for yes

"Yep!!" Annie yelled while jumping out of a closet

"I already asked Annie if she wanted to come with us and she said yes" Luke said

"Ohhh.." I said

"Hurry go pack cause we will leave in 3 days" Michael said

Calum still hasn't move

"Calum are you okay?" I asked him

He turned his head away from Ashton for once and head a massive grin on his face he picked me up on hugs me

"I'm happy you are coming with us love!!!

I'm sorry I havnt told you" he said to me

"It's okay!" I said while still smiling at him....

Later that night we played truth or dare "Haley truth or dare" ash asked

"Dare" I said to him "I dare you to go snap someone you can't stand and say your their best friend" he said "but why" I whined "it's a dare and you do it" Annie said "fine" I told them I got my phone and chat Rodrick and said "hey I'm your best friend" and send it to him "Rodrick?" Annie asked "yep" i said to her "aww-" she said but got cut off by me slipping her arm "okay my turn Luke truth or dare" I asked him "ummmm dare" He said insure "I dare you to get a lip ring" I said to him he looked shocked "okay let's go" he said and went out side we all got in the car and arrived at the piercing thing "umm he wants to get a lip ring" Annie said to the guy suggesting toward Luke "okay follow me" he said we waited and then Luke came out with a swollen pierced lip "obay dom" he tried to talk we all busted out laughing "awww Lukey doesn't look as much as a cute puppy any more" Annie said "haha lobs go nowb" he said we all laughed again "thabs noh bummy" he said we laughed even harder "yes it is" I said.. We all arrived at the house now I continued "ashb trub or darh" Luke said "I pick trub" Ashton said mocking look "boo you whore" Annie said to ash " anyway out of anyone here who's body would you trade with" Luke said "ummmm I'd... Trade.. With mickey!.. Just because I wanna now what's goes through his mind about video games and pizza" he said

"Okay Annie truth or dare" "dare" she said "okay I dare you to go hug the first person you" "what that's so easy" Annie said and hugged me "outside" Ashton added "fine" Annie Said and went out side.. We watched her go up to some guy around our age and hug him he hugged her back and then she came back "I hate you so much Ashton" she said "okay Michael truth or dare" Annie asked "dare" he confidently "hold on" she said and went into the kitchen and came back out with a ring pop "okay I dare you to propose with this ring pop to the first girl you see" Annie said "noooooo.. I'm almost 18 I'm not gonna propose" he said "I got married when I was in kindergarten" annie said "fine" we watched him go out side then a girl around our age walk on the side walk she had blonde hair with blue streaks and snake bites Michael went out to her we watched him get on one knee and took the pop ring and gave it to her they both burst out laughing we all looked at each other confused then the turned the other way so their backs were facing us and then she kept walking smiling and Michael came inside smiling like an idiot "look who's got a date on Friday" he said holding a price of paper "what the hell?!" Annie asked and took the paper "look" she said holding the paper "it has her number" she said shocked "way to go Lad" Ashton said patting Michael on the back "okay let's continue on the came now "Calum dare or truth" Michael asked "truth" "okay in this room who would you kiss" Michael asked "Haley" he said blushing a bit Annie burst out laughing at cal about blushing "okay Haley truth or dare" cal said "dare" he said "i dare you go to the play ground and yell 'I'm not okay'" cal said "okay we went out side the park was only across from us I went on the slide and yelled 'I'm not okay' some people snickered at me and I went back "Annie truth or dare" "dare" she said "i dare you to kiss Luke" I said with a smirk she kissed Lukes cheek and mouth the words 'I hate you' to me I just smiled soon the game got boring and we quit playing.. So I went back up to go pack.. And Annie help me while I called my mum asking if I can go with the other to London and she said yes!!

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