My new aussie life. Calum Hood

So Haley moved to Sydney and her and she mets friends who she can trust..


2. 1.

Haley POV:

"But I don't wanna go mum" I whined we moved to Sydney.. "Just try it" she said "okay fine" I said.. I went out the door. I walked to school and on my way there I saw 4 boys walking in front of me and a girl.. One looked at me but didn't say anything.. I finally got to school and I went to the office "umm hi,. I'm a transfer student and I don't know what my classes are" I said to the principle "ohhh you must be Haley" he said "yeah" I said to him "well welcome to our school" he said.. He looked at his computer and typed something then handed me and paper of my classes.. I left and went to class.. It's only been 5 months after school had started,. I walked in and everybody stared at me "class this is Haley she moved here from the United States" the teacher said "hi" I said.. "You can have the empty seat next to Lilliann over there" he said pointing to the seat besides the girl I saw this mornings.. While I walked over everybody had there eyes on me and I mean everybody.. A sat down and listened to the teacher say everything.. While I was listening I felt someone staring at me.. I pretend like a didn't notice it but I couldn't help it I turned around and saw a boy with black hair and had fringes looking at me. When I looked at him you turned away.. I turned back and looked at the board but I still felt him burning his eyes through my back.. "Calum would you stop staring at her already" Lilliann said teasing him then bell ringed "hi my names Annie" Lilliann said "I thought your names Lilliann" I said to her "yeah but i don't really like that name so you can call me Annie" she said "okay".. I said we had the next 2 classes together.. Then lunch came....I grabbed my food and sat by Annie "Ello!" She said "hi" I said I sat next to her "well this is Luke, Ashton, Micheal, and Calum" she said naming all the boys I saw this morning "so how do you like the school love?" Ashton said "it's good" I said.. We talked about random things "Cal!! Stop staring at her!!!" Annie said.. He just smiled at me but then lunch was over.. We walked to class together it was me Luke and Annie with Ashton that had the same class.. "Okay so are you coming over?" Luke said to Annie "yeah, can Haley come?" She asked Luke "yeah" he said "so do you wanna come to the boys band practice" Annie said "yeah I guess" I said to her.. Then the next hour flew bye and class ended.. We only had one more class left and I only had the last class with Calum.. "So do you always stare?" I asked Calum because he was staring again.. "No umm I was going to ask if you wanna come to Michaels house for a band pra-" he started but got cut off "no taking Mr. Hood" the teacher said.. He got a piece of paper and wrote something and handed it to me "do you wanna come to band practice with me" it's said "yeah" I wrote back and handed it to him.. We started writing notes back and forth.. Then class was over.. I saw Annie and Luke waiting for me "okay we'll just wait for the other" "okay" I said to him.. When the other came.. We walked to Michael's house and they played an blink song it was stay together for the kids.. "So what do you think?" Calum asked "it's good actually yeah" I said to him "okay good" he said "play another one" Annie said "okay" Ashton "what do you wanna us play" Luke said "Haley do you like Nickleback?" Annie asked me "yeah" I said "really?!" All of them said including Annie "yeah" I said "okay play Nickleback then" Annie said "okay" so they played if today was your last day.. They played a different song then Michael said "im hungry wanna go for pizza?" Michael asked all of us "yeah" they all said except me "ummm I can't I gotta go I'll see you tomorrow though" I said to them and walked back to my house

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