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"And there, she ran off, with those black converse i loved." *credits to Cheban for the cover* (Luke Hemmings fanfic)


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Chapter 3

I slowly put my feet into the water, and i was looking at Luke, who was patiently waiting for me in the water.

Why is he waiting for me?

Suddenly caring about me?

I removed the thoughts in my head as i felt a pair of hands push me in the water.

When i jumped out the water, Vanessa was laughing.

"Vanessa!" I glared at her and then i started laughing too.

"Sorry.." She said and jumped in. "Where's Michael though?"

"I don't know, but will you please stay here with me?" I asked her.

She looked at me confused, glanced at Luke and then smirked at me. "It's Luke, isn't it?"

"Just please.." I begged her.

Vanessa looked at her left, where Michael was screaming for her to come over.

"Gotta go, hun." She smiled and swom off.

I let out a deep breath. Great..

"Anna?" I heard Luke swimming towards me and i turned around.

"You wanna.. go?" He asked.

"What?" I blushed.

"Just go." He whispered in my ear, sending shirts down my spine.

"Leave from here?" I asked, confused.


Why does he want to though?


He sighed. "I'm bored. And we could have fun somewhere else." He said.

"What kind of fun?"

He didn't say anything, he just swom off.

What the fuck is happening?

Maybe he likes me. I don't know?

No, that's not it. Why would he like me? There's no reason.

I snapped out of my thoughts and jumped out the water.


I slowly looked around the corner of the building, seeing Luke looking down at his feet, and he had something in his hand, i think it's a piece of paper.

I cleared my throat and walked over to him, meeting the cold winter air.

His face immediately lighted up when he saw me, making me pull a little smile.

No, stop smiling. You look like an idiot.

"Do Michael and Vanessa know we're gone?" I asked.

Luke shrugged. "I don't know. And i don't care. Let's go."

He took my hand, making me flinch and i pulled my hand back.

"What's wrong?" He frowned.

"Where are we going anyway? And why do you suddenly want to hook up with me?" I said, my breathing increases.

"I can't tell you. Not now." He quickly said.

I looked him straight at him in the eyes and looked away, nodding. "Fine. Do what you want."

He smiled at me, showing me his perfect teeth.

I was staring at him. Not in a bad way, in an admiring way.

The way he always bites his lip when he smiled, that was amazing.

I felt someone pushing me forward, making me fall, but i landed in Luke's chest, quickly pulling away and i looked at the person who pushed me.

It was a guy around Luke's age, and his friends were laughing behind him.

He had black hair, and there were tattoos on his arms, making me blush cause i have a thing for guys with tattoos.

But i wondered why he wore a sleeveless shirt in the cold winter.

He was biting his lip towards me, and looked at me from head to toe.

I felt really uncomfortable.

"Just go, Calum." Luke said, pulling me back.

"Luke.." I whispered.

I didn't want him to get into a fight.

"Oh, that's your girlfriend? Sorry, dude." Calum said, and he let out a small chuckle.

"Yeah. Let's go, Anna." He walked off, and i followed him.

Suddenly, i thought about what he just said. He said i was his girlfriend.

"Luke? Why did you answer yes?" I shyly asked.

It stayed quiet for a long time, until we arrived at a small bench, and i sat on it as Luke put a hand on his mouth in frustration.

"Luke?" I said, a little more quiet this time.

"Why i said yes?" He repeated, his back still facing me.

"If i said no, Calum will come after you."

"Why that?"

"That's what he does everytime he sees me with a girl. And i'm not letting him come after you this time." He said and turned around.

I frowned. "But why not?"

"Cause you're special. I wanna get to know you."

"You know me for a couple years, dummy."

"You know what? I finally have the chance now to talk to you. I've been trying so fucking hard, and there i go. Let me tell you. That first day i saw you at school, i was fucked. You'd do something to me, and you did. I mean, look at you. Perfect hair, pretty face." He smiled, and let out a small sigh.

"Your absence in class that time, and you were so awkward about it, cause you never skipped. You always had this colorful mind. And.. your converse."

I looked down at my all black converse, and i smiled.

"Those converse. The first time you wore them, i developed feelings for you. Don't know how, but it happened."

I looked up at him. "Why have you never took the chance to talk to me?"

"I was fucking scared you had a boyfriend." He said awkwardly.

"Me? No. Nobody likes me."

"You serious? Guys are drooling over you."

I shrugged. "I won't know."

Luke chuckled. "All i'm trying to say is.. you're perfect."




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