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"And there, she ran off, with those black converse i loved." *credits to Cheban for the cover* (Luke Hemmings fanfic)


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Chapter 2

The car ride was pretty easy, no weird subjects.

For example: relationships.

It's just so awkward and... just scary.

Right now, we were in the building and we walked over to the cashier.

The lady smiled at us. "How long?"

"2 hours?" Michael asked us.

We nodded.

"Then that would be 5." She said.

Michael and Vanessa gave the lady the money, while i was struggling to find my money.

Just 3,50. Of course i do.

I looked around, Michael and Vanessa were no where to be seen.

I looked over to the lady. "I don't have enough." I said in embarresment.

She just looked down at the papers in front of her.

"I'll just go then.." I mumbled as i was about to open my bag.

"No, i have some money left."


"No, Lucas, it's okay."

Luke just gave the lady the money as he pushed me forward, and we walked to the dressing stalls.

"I'm not letting you leave." He whispered. "And it's Luke."

I blushed. The fuck is happening?

This is all happening so quickly.

"I'm gonna change now.." I said and ran over to an empty dressing stall.

I started taking of my clothes and i slipped on my swimming garments, but i couldn't close the clip of my top.

Why me?

I sighed as i started putting all my stuff in my backpack again, holding the back of my top and i walked out.

Where is Vanessa?

I walked over to the doors that lead to the pool and only saw Luke and Michael.

Oh. My. God.

"Vanessa.." I groaned as i walked over to the boys.

"Where's Vanessa?" I quickly asked.

"She's.. in the toilet. Doing something." Michael said awkwardly.

I know what she's doing.

"Oh.." I looked down.

"Should we go already?" Michael whined.

Luke looked up from his phone and we entered the pool, inhaling the scent.

I freaking hated that scent.

We walked over to an empty table and chairs, where we threw our bags to.

I sat down on a chair and waited for Vanessa.

"Aren't you coming with us?" Luke asked.

"I'll wait for Vanessa."

Michael already jumped into the water.

"Okay. I'll also wait." He said and sat down on the chair next to me.

No no, please leave.

"Why are you holding your... top?" He asked, making me widen my eyes.

"I.. Couldn't clip them." I quickly said.

"Let me."

I turned around so my back was towards him and his hands moved to my back.

I arched my back of the feeling.

He clipped the two pieces together and stood up.

He cleared his throat. "I'm gonna go in the water now."

Should i go with him?

"I'll go with you."



so far this kinda sucks in my opinion but i have something prepared though

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