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"And there, she ran off, with those black converse i loved." *credits to Cheban for the cover* (Luke Hemmings fanfic)


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Chapter 1

I looked down at my backpack that was laying on the ground.

It has been through 4 years of middle school and 2 years of high school.

Maybe it was time for a new one though.

"Miss Darren?"

I looked up, seeing mr. Hawkinson glaring at me.

"Now i got your attention." He looked back at the chalkboard, as i rolled my eyes.

I felt eyes on me as i looked to the left.

There he was.

Luke Hemmings.

I only know him for a year, since the first day of high school really.

He's so cute.

He's the type of guy your parents would love. A good one. Or bad. Either one.

He slightly smiled at me, and looked at his notes again.

Why does he drive me crazy though?

The first second i saw him he had this quiff, black vans and ripped skinny jeans, but now his hair is flat and he wears converse and boots with non-ripped jeans.

It's bad, cause he's my type of guy.

He doesn't like me anyway.

I'm damn ugly.

My light brown hair with blue eyes make me look ugly and that's why i never had a boyfriend anyway.

My mom told me that i was pretty, but obviously she only said cause i'm her daughter.

Only if she was honest.

I dealed with anxiety, but i'm kinda off of that part of my life.

The loud bell made me rise up from my chair and i threw my backpack over my shoulders.

"Oh my god, that was hell." My best friend Vanessa sighed.

I chuckled. "True though."

"Since it's nice weather we should go outside on the grass field."

"Yea, i guess." I mumbled and walked after Vanessa to the field outside.

We were out of class early, which was better, cause we wanted to go swimming.

I threw myself into the warm grass, Vanessa falling next to me.

"This would be like, the perfect tumble picture." She laughed.

"Oh yeah." I smiled as i took my phone out.

I was about to take the picture, when screaming voices were coming towards us.

I quickly locked my phone and put it back.

The boys of our class walked over to us and smirked.

"Do you two wanna come swimming with us? And, the other girls aren't coming because.. i don't know." Michael asked us.

Vanessa and i looked at each other as we smiled.

"I guess. What time?" Vanessa smiled.

"Now." Luke said, making me jump up and i took my backpack.

I could see him smirk and he quickly tried to hide it by looking down.

"So you wanna come?"

"Yeah." I smiled at Vanessa as we walked after them to Michael's car.


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