A Thousand Sorry's....

Hope Zundell has heard the saying, "I'm sorry" so many times but she doesn't believe it anymore. After her last relationship she doesn't want her heart to be broken once again. What happens when the jock who's been bullying her since the seventh grade is her "mate" whatever that is. Will she let him in or reject him? Find out in a ."A Thousand Sorry's."


2. My secret: I am a werewolf

Oliver's (P.O.V.)

        First of all damn was that hot I loved pissing her off. Her as in Hope Zundell I've been in love with the girl ever since Freshmen year, the year I turned into a werewolf. Werewolves are creatures that are half-human and half-wolf, when we reach the age of fourteen we discover our mate which is short for soulmate. Mates are the one person who completes us and are the sole reason to our life value, Hope is my mate and I'm dying to just hold her close but first I have a certain pesky mutt to deal with first.

        Usually this mutt hangs out with his friends at lunch but today he stood in front of Hope who was frowning. My inner wolf growled at seeing our mate upset balling my fist I storm over to Hope's side and glare at Ryder the asshole who broke my mate's heart. He gulps looking at me and then to Hope who turns away not even looking back at Ryder I look away from Hope's back and look at Ryder, "From this point on out stay away from Hope she doesn't need jack-asses like you breaking her heart." I state then walk away to hurry up and find Hope who sat at a lunch table looking at her phone.

I sit down next to hear a let her a few moments before I softly tap her shoulder. She looks up to me then hugs me close, "why did you bully me for all of those years if you cared about me?" She asks me softly. Too afraid to tell the truth and scare her away I reply with a, "Because I was an idiot," and for the first time in years I Oliver Green made Hope Zundell laugh.







Hello dear readers so I'm sorry if these chapters seem short but I will try to update as fast as I can. Till next time stay along for the ride on, "A Thousand Sorry's."


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