A Thousand Sorry's....

Hope Zundell has heard the saying, "I'm sorry" so many times but she doesn't believe it anymore. After her last relationship she doesn't want her heart to be broken once again. What happens when the jock who's been bullying her since the seventh grade is her "mate" whatever that is. Will she let him in or reject him? Find out in a ."A Thousand Sorry's."


6. Meeting the Beta and What the Hell is a Rouge?

Oliver's (P.O.V.)

     Hope wanted to meet the rest of my pack right away she demanded that we get up from the bed then get dressed for the day. Following her demands I sigh then stand up heading to my closet to grab some clothes then head to my bathroom, I turn the shower nozzle and instantly water spits out from the shower head.

   I undress then quickly hop in and let the water soothingly relax my muscles. After my awesome shower I walk down the stairs with Hope while holding her hand, I hear a small giggle then my little brother pops out and jumps into Hope's arms who smiles down at him. He giggles up at her and says, "You're a pwetty lady."

   Hope blushes then smiles softly at him, "thank you young one and what is your name?" she asks him "I'm Jessie but everyone calls me Jess for short I am three years old!" Jessie responds cutely while holding up three fingers Hope giggles then sets him down gently and he runs off to play with the other kids.

   "Well you were right when you said she was sure pretty," a deep voice states Hope turns around to see my Beta John standing there while holding his son Noah who was sucking on his thumb. "Hope this is John my Beta he's the one who watches over the pack whenever I have important meetings to go to and in case you are wondering what a Beta is they are second in command of the pack and are also the ones who watches over the Luna." I quickly explain seeing the confusion on her face.

   She nods in understanding then looks over my shoulder to see my third in command running over to us urgently "Alpha there is two rouges on the border of our land!" Micheal exclaims I growl silently then nod at him "What the hell are rouges Oliver?" Hope asks me "Wolves that don't have a pack or travel alone they also like to terrorize other packs to no end" I explain then quickly shift and run towards the rogues. 

   When I get to their location I'm shocked by what I see it's a mother and her son and they were badly injured, I howl for help then slowly walk over to them the mother whimpers I shake my head sideways to tell her I mean no harm. Once we get the injured mother and son to the pack doctor's wing I go back to my room where Hope is. 

 I get back into the bed cuddle up next to her, I wrap my arms around her waist, close my eyes, and let sleep over take me.


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