A Thousand Sorry's....

Hope Zundell has heard the saying, "I'm sorry" so many times but she doesn't believe it anymore. After her last relationship she doesn't want her heart to be broken once again. What happens when the jock who's been bullying her since the seventh grade is her "mate" whatever that is. Will she let him in or reject him? Find out in a ."A Thousand Sorry's."


1. First the break-up, then the heart ache

Hope's (P.O.V.)

   Today I woke up smiling that's until I walked in on something I didn't want to see. I walked in on my ex-boyfriend of  two years screwing the school slut. The chocolate cake in my hand fell to the floor and the present in my hand thrown at the back of his head. "Happy anniversary bastard!" I exclaimed then ran out of his house quickly with him chasing after me I jump into my car and drive off leaving him behind in the dust. Once I get back to my house I get out of my car lock the doors and then scurry inside and run up to my bedroom I pick up a pillow and throw it at the wall screaming in frustration all I could think was Why? Why did he do it? I sit down on my bed and sob in my hands I guess it's better than pretending that everything was okay when I knew it wasn't.

    Sighing I get up and walk downstairs to grab a glass of water. I look up to the kitchen wall and see that it says seven o' clock in the afternoon I set my glass down in the sink and get ready for bed since I have school in the morning. If you're wondering why I'm no longer sad it's because I got over it, I've just learned to stay away from relationships. I walk upstairs and plop onto my bed then fall into a quick slumber awaiting for tomorrow's events. The first thing I hear the next day is my parents going at it like rabbits I cringe in disgust then quickly grab clothes and head to my bathroom and to get ready for school. The school I attend is Everdell High School otherwise known as hell. I frown and head to my locker to grab the books I need for the day but then I cringe when my locker is slammed shut.

   I look up and sigh to see the school's bully and star jock Oliver Green, "Well, well look who it is the little nerd with no one to back her up this time." Oliver states I roll my eyes and walk away from him but he continues to follow me. I sigh in anger then quicken my pace to get to my first class, "What's a-matter nerd? little boyfriend couldn't make it today?" that made me lose it I drop my books then grab his arm and flip him on his back and for the first time in years I speak to him, "He isn't my boyfriend anymore we broke up yesterday since I caught him screwing Cindy!," I hiss at him then let him go and grab my stuff and walk away. 

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