A Thousand Sorry's....

Hope Zundell has heard the saying, "I'm sorry" so many times but she doesn't believe it anymore. After her last relationship she doesn't want her heart to be broken once again. What happens when the jock who's been bullying her since the seventh grade is her "mate" whatever that is. Will she let him in or reject him? Find out in a ."A Thousand Sorry's."


4. Explaining what a mate is...

Oliver's (P.O.V.)

       I knew this day would come I just wanted to avoid it a little longer. Sighing I look into Hope's beautiful chocolate brown eyes then I tell her in a soft voice to sit down. "Mates or Soulmates are two people who belong together. Two people are chosen to be destined as one and the moon goddess chose us. She believes you are perfect for me and I, you. Mates can't live without the other or else they die." I quickly explain Hope stares at me for a few moments then grabs my hand and leads to my room. She pushes me down to the bed then goes over to door shuts it and locks it then runs back over and straddles my waist then after so many years of waiting she kisses me. I feel fireworks and I see them it felt amazing to finally be able to kiss her. After a few seconds of kissing but what seemed like an hour I ask her the big question.

      "Hope Zundell will you be my girlfriend forever?" She lets a big smile settle across her face and says, "Promise me something first?" I smile and nod yes. Hope smiles again and say,"Promise me that if we ever fight just say I'm sorry and I'll Forgive you." I then reply, "I promise to say I'm sorry if we ever fight." Hope then opens up her beautiful mouth and says, "Then I will be your girl forever." 

      That happened two hours ago and now I was cuddling with Hope who had a cute smile on her face *Oliver may I meet our mate?* my inner wolf asks I look down at Hope ans ask her if it was okay for my wolf to meet her She nods yes then sits up as I get up off the bed and strip to my boxers and quickly shift into my pure white wolf. Hope gasps then gently pets my wolf's back who practically purrs at her touch he jumps up onto the bed and curls up next to her side giving her the warmth she lacked. "Your wolf is beautiful Oliver" Hope says and my wolf nuzzles her hand in thanks then lets me shift back and I scramble to put my clothes back on and go back to cuddling with Hope.


This is Oliver's wolf:


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