A Thousand Sorry's....

Hope Zundell has heard the saying, "I'm sorry" so many times but she doesn't believe it anymore. After her last relationship she doesn't want her heart to be broken once again. What happens when the jock who's been bullying her since the seventh grade is her "mate" whatever that is. Will she let him in or reject him? Find out in a ."A Thousand Sorry's."


7. A Mother And Her Son

Hope's (P.O.V.)

     Oliver told me that the rouges were a mother and her son he also told me the mother's name was Savanna and her son's name was Dustin he was only 7. They have been on the run for three years since their pack was attacked by power-hungry rogues Oliver says that he will accept them into our pack but first he has to introduce me as the Luna.

    "Luna it is time to prepare for your coronation." A fellow pack member says to me I sigh then nod standing up and I follow her to my room where she begins the torture. An hour later I was ready, I walked down the stairs and met Oliver by the stairs who was smiling at me with awe and love. He grabs my hand and leads me to the back yard where the whole pack resides. 

   "Welcome everyone and thank you for those of you who could make it tonight we will be adding our Luna and two new pack members to our pack!" Oliver states calmly and the pack cheers clapping and shouting joyously I blush due to all of the attention then Oliver turns to me and asks "do you Hope Zundell accept to protect and to guide and to lead this pack as our Luna?" I look at him then say "I Hope Zundell promise to protect, to guide, and to lead this pack as your Luna!" and the pack erupts into a loud cheer and Oliver smiles then the mother and son come out and they go through the process of becoming pack members.

    Later on that night Oliver pulls me close then kisses me softly I smile into the kiss then snuggle into his side "I love you Oliver" I say quickly Oliver smiles then responds "I love you too Hope" then something weird happens I begin to feel a tingle all over my body and suddenly I feel myself shifting into something else. The tingling feeling fades after five minutes I look down and see leopard paws I let a loud meow in shock then look up to Oliver whose eyes are wide.

   "Babe you're Wereleopard! Do you realize how important that is? Wow my girlfriend is the Seer of the future!" Oliver exclaims then picks me up since my leopard form was so small and cuddles me close I purr in contentment then nuzzle into his neck smelling his cologne and then I thought to myself *HOW THE HELL AM I A SHAPSHIFTER????*




Hello fellow humans! Sorry that I haven't updated in a while I have had a small case of writer's block and have been busy with my classes but I promise to update more often! See you next time in "A Thousand Sorry's"- Zoe!


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