Can't Run Away from your Destiny (Book 4)

After losing Allison, Zaira doesn't know what to do. She's growing closer to a certain deputy, and she's developed a crush on him. With a list out and assassions coming after the people she loves, Zaira is trying to keep her sanity. She's also trying to help Scott with his new Beta. Read as she tries to stay alive, help everyone out, and figure out who wants them dead.


7. Weaponized

It was early the next morning when my phone decided to ring. I rolled over, grabbed my phone, was shocked to see Malia’s name, and answered it because she wouldn’t call me unless it was important.

“Is everything alright, Malia?” I questioned.

“Braden’s been shot and Derek took her to the hospital.” Malia responded before hanging up.

I hung up, jumped out of bed, got dressed, and raced off to the hospital. Momma McCall met me at the door and led me to Braden’s room. I was happy to see that Derek was still there. Momma McCall left the room, and I hugged Derek.

“How is she doing?” I asked once we broke apart.

“She was shot. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly happened.” Derek replied.

It was nice to talk to him again. It’s been hard ever since Kate came back and with Derek losing his power, or at least that’s what we’re both going with, everything’s been going to hell. I miss talking to him, but I know that with the Benefactor running around hiring people to kill us, our talks will just have to wait until everything is straightened out. Mamma McCall then came into the room with a needle.

“What’s that?” Derek questioned, and he wasn’t the only one who wanted to know what was in the needle.

“Naloxone. We need to wake her up.” Mamma McCall replied while injecting the stuff into Braden’s IV.

“I thought you said she needed to rest.” Derek said back.

“That was before I found out that the CDC just put the high school under quarantine with Scott and Stiles still in there.” Mamma McCall replied.

I was in shock because I didn’t know that the gang had school on Saturday, but then it dawned on me that they were taking some type test. I was pulled from thoughts when Braden sat up and gasped but then laid right back down and groaned in pain.

“Braden, look at me. You were shot, but you’re in the hospital now and you’re fine. Do you understand? (Braden nodded her head) Good. Okay. Last night you were in the woods and you came across another pack? Do you know what happened to them?” Mamma McCall asked.

“I told you, they were poisoned.” Derek stated.

“No. No, they were infected. It was a virus designed to kill werewolves. It did. It killed them all.” Braden told us.

Mamma McCall and I shared a look before I decided that I was going to the school.

“Keep me posted about Braden, please.” I told Derek.

Derek just nodded his head before I headed to the school. I was met by Hazelle the second I stepped out of my car.

“I’m glad that you aren’t in there.” Hazelle told me as she hugged me.

I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded my head.  As we headed toward my uncle I asked, “Who’s all in there?”

“Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira, Kira’s dad, Lydia’s mom, and some other students and teachers.” Hazelle replied after a minute.

As we reached my uncle, nobody was telling us anything, and the matter got worse when Agent McCall showed up and no one would tell him anything either. Hazelle and I think that it’s another assassin, but we can’t be sure, and the funny thing is, is that my uncle is thinking the exact same thing. Hazelle and I used our hearing and knew that the gang was in the Hale vault, and I was happy that they were safely away from everyone.

“Zaira, you have to stay calm.” Hazelle whispered as she grabbed my wrist.

I was trying to break out of her grasp because someone was threatening to kill Stiles if he didn’t tell where the others were. I was about the break out of Hazelle’s grasp, when I heard a gun go off and Agent McCall talking to Stiles. I’m so relieved that he got in there, and I hope that we can go in there soon.

“Hey, Scott? Scotty? In the vault, in there with you. It’s called reishi mushrooms. Scott? Scott, open the door! It’s in there with you. It’s in a jar; it’s on one of the shelves. Scott! Scott, can you hear me?” I could hear Stiles yelling at Scott.

I was about to run into the school after he said that, but Hazelle stopped me because everyone was ok. Kira knocked the jar off and saved everyone. I plan on squishing her in a hug once I see her. We were allowed to go into the school, and Hazelle and I were met with a very upset Malia.

“Malia.” I called out to her.

Malia looked up at me and accepted my hug. After we pulled apart, I watched Malia walk away, and I wonder what the hell happened in the vault. After Malia left, I waited for the others. When they finally came up, I couldn’t help but hug each of them as tight as I could.

“We’re ok, Zaira.” Stiles said as he hugged me back.

“I know but I was worried about you.” I told him back.

After we pulled apart, all of us left and I knew that there was something else that no one was telling me, but I knew that I would find out soon enough. I don’t know what to think anymore, but I do know that people are still out there trying to kill us, and from what I understood, everyone was on the list, except me. I guess that Hazelle and I have our work cut out for us, but we will make sure that everyone is safe.


Zaira's outfit:

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