Can't Run Away from your Destiny (Book 4)

After losing Allison, Zaira doesn't know what to do. She's growing closer to a certain deputy, and she's developed a crush on him. With a list out and assassions coming after the people she loves, Zaira is trying to keep her sanity. She's also trying to help Scott with his new Beta. Read as she tries to stay alive, help everyone out, and figure out who wants them dead.


12. Smoke and Mirrors

I met Hazelle back at my house and I was happy for her hug. I really needed it and she knows me too well. We both showered and ate before my nerves started to take over. Scott is like my younger brother, hell, he is my younger brother. If Kate has so much as put a single hair out of place on his head, I'll kill her where she stands. If she so much as touches Kira, then I'll do the same thing.


"You do realize that you're not doing this alone right?" Hazelle asked.


"I know but this time feels different." I replied.


"I can't argue with that, but this time, I'm going to be there and everything will work out exactly like it's supposed to." Hazelle said.


I nodded my head and hugged her. I'm glad that Hazelle is here because if not, then who knows what the hell I would be doing right now. Hazelle and I headed over to Derek's to meet up with him and Braden, and let's just say that the conversation we had, made me want to slap him.


"I still don't like relying on these things." Derek sighed as Braden and I got some guns locked and loaded.


"I get it. You miss your power. I would, too." Braden said.


I couldn't help but agree with her because even though I have my powers, I don't rely on them. I'd rather use my gun then my powers any day of the week.


"It's not about power, it's about being able to help. I don't like feeling helpless." Derek said.


"I'm human. Do I look helpless?" Braden asked.


"You're a much better shot than me, and so is Zaira." Derek said.


"Do you really think you won't be coming back?" Braden asked.


"Not alive." Derek replied.


"You know I'm not okay with that." Braden said.


"I am. If it saves Scott and Kira. But to be honest, I don't even know if this is enough firepower to take down one berzerker." Derek said.


"Not even close. Killing a berzerker is next to impossible. It's not just the firepower, it's breaking the animal spirit from the human." Peter says as he comes down the spiral staircase.


"Well, the one person we know with that kind of experience is Argent. And he's not getting back to me." Derek said as he gave Peter a look.


"Well, then you're going to need help. Like Malia, maybe Liam. Definitely me." Peter said with a smirk.


"Look, everyone is coming back alive, and you can help over my dead body after the shit you did to Argent." I said as I growled at Peter.


Everyone looked at me in shock, especially Peter, and the look on his face made my day.


"Yeah, I know exactly what you did. If it wasn't for Jordan and I then Argent would be dead. My guys are tougher than they look and if you so much as step out of line, then I'm going to put you down." I growled.


Everyone was quiet but Braden walked over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her and saw that she agreed with me. I was happy about that and Derek gave me a smile, which told me that he agreed as well. Peter didn't know what to say, so he left without another word.


Everyone met up at a warehouse and I couldn't help the giggle that left my lips when Stiles freaked out about Peter being there. Stiles looked at me and I gave him a nod, which told him that Peter knows to watch himself or he's dead. We're waiting for Lydia but she's not answering her phone, so Liam says that he can call Mason to go find her. After Liam called Mason, we all divided up on who was riding with who.


Malia rode with Peter, which was for the best, but Stiles was hesitant. Hazelle, Liam, Stiles, and I rode with Braden and Derek, with Hazelle riding shotgun and the rest of us riding in back since it's a full moon. Peter started to drone on and on about the berzerkers and that we should fight to kill. I just rolled my eyes because I know that Peter is up to something, and maybe once we get to Mexico, he'll show his true colors.


As we were on our way to Mexico, I had to roll my eyes because both Stiles and Derek were trying to clam Liam's nerves. I felt bad for the kid, but I could only hope that he can hold on until we get to Mexico. As the ride went on, I could tell that Liam was starting to feel the full moon, and that told me that this ride was going to be very interesting.


"Liam, you with me? We have a mantra that we use. You repeat it, you focus on the words. It's like mediating. You say the words until you feel control coming back to you." Derek said.


"Okay. Okay, okay! What are the words?" Liam growled.


"Okay, look at the triskelion. See the symbol? I have a tattoo on my back, it's the same thing. Zaira has one on her lower back of the same thing as well. Each spiral means something." Derek said.


"Alpha, Beta, Omega." Stiles added.


"It represents the idea that we can always rise to one and fall back to another. Betas can become Alphas." Derek started.


"Alphas can become Betas." Stiles continued.


"Can Alphas become Omegas?" Liam asked.


I gave Liam a nod as he looked at me before Derek drew his attention back to him.


"All you have to do is say the three words. And with each one, you tell yourself you're getting calmer, more in control. Go ahead." Derek said.


I listened as Liam started saying Alpha, Beta, Omega and could tell that it wasn't working. The more Liam repeated the words, the worse he got. I'm racking my brain to remember the fucking saying that Brett said, but nothing is coming to mind.


"Liam, Liam. What three things cannot long be hidden?" Stiles asked as he pulled me from my thoughts.


When Liam didn't answer Stiles asked, "What three things?" again.


"Sun... The moon... The truth." Liam grunted.


Liam kept repeating those words and it seemed like he was going to be alright. I moved next to Liam and hugged him to me. Liam seemed to be more relaxed and we continued our way to Mexico. As we pulled up to the damn creepy church, Derek opened the door for us to get out, but was grabbed by a berzerker. I watched in horror as the berzerker stabbed Derek, and kept stabbing him until Braden started shooting. All of us got out of the van after the berzerker ran off.


All of us were in shock, but Hazelle was holding me up because I was fixing to hit the ground. Derek told us to go find Scott, but I didn't want to leave him. Hazelle finally convinced me to go find Scott and that she would stay with Derek and Braden.


"I'm fine Z. Go save your brother." Derek gasped.


I nodded my head and ran off after the others. Stiles got a call from his dad and we ended up running from a berzerker. I hope Hazelle, Braden, and Derek are doing better than we are.


*Hazelle's POV*


I listened as Derek and Braden talked and had to bite my tongue to get from laughing when Braden told Derek that Zaira would bring him back just to kill him again if he died on us. Braden hit the nail on the head because Zaira would kill anyone that hurt the people she loves.


I followed Braden's lead as we got ready to fight. Both of us looked back at Derek before looking at each other and going into battle with Kate and her berzerkers.


*End of POV*


We're still trying to get away from the berzerker that's chasing us, but for some reason, I think that I know this berzerker. Malia tells Stiles and me to go find Scott and Kira, while Liam and her hold off the berzerker. I hope they can hold it off until we get back or so help me that the damn berzerker will die.


*Hazelle's POV*


Braden and I are shooting our asses off but it's not affecting either Kate or her damn berzerker. The said damn berzerker ends up pinning us to the wall and Kate taunts Braden before looking at me.


"It's not everyday that we get a hybrid in our mists." Kate taunted.


"Yeah and it's not everyday that I see a slutty bitch hiding while making others do her biding." I growled.


Kate went to say something else but thank the heavens that the Calavera's showed up. Argent and Parrish showed up too, and boy was I happy to see them. Now, we can finish this once and for all. Heads up Zaira because I believe Kate is coming your way.


*End of POV*


Stiles and I keep looking for Scott and Kira, but stop as we come across Kira. I hug her lightly and she tells us that Kate turned Scott into one of her berzerkers. I had to take deep breaths to keep myself from going after her, but I know that Hazelle will handle Kate, so it's all good.


*Hazelle's POV*


Braden and I made it back to Derek, so now I'm planning a safe escape route, so I can get Derek the help he needs. I heard Braden call to Derek and watched as his head roll to the side. I didn't know what to do except hug Braden to me. Braden leaned into me and that let me know that she knew I was there for her. What the hell am I going to tell Zaira??


*End of POV*


Stiles, Kira, and I make it back it time to stop Malia from killing the berzerkers. Stiles tells them that it's Scott and everyone looked at each other and then looked at the berzerker. Scott decided to go after Liam, but only after knocking Malia, Stiles, and myself out of way.


*Hazelle's POV*


I followed Braden's lead as we started helping the others take down Kate and her berzerker. I hope that Zaira is alright and I'll do everything in my power to protect Braden, Argent, and Parrish if it's the last thing I do.


*End of POV*


"Scott, Scott, listen, listen, listen! You're not a monster! You're a werewolf! Like me." Liam hollered.


Scott let Liam go all of us watched in awe as took off the armor and ripped the mask in half. I got up and stood next to Scott as he spoke.


"You. The only one who knew as much as Argent about berzerkers. About Nagual. You taught Kate. You helped her. All for power." Scott told Peter.


Everyone looked between Scott and Peter confused, except me because I had a feeling that Peter was behind all of this ever since I found out that he created the dead pool.


"For my family's power. To be rightfully inherited by me. Not usurped by some idiot teenage boy, so incorruptible, he won't shed the blood of his enemies even when justified. You don't deserve your power. Not power like this." Peter growled.


Malia attacked Peter but he just tossed her aside like she was a rag doll. Kira went next but Scott stopped her. Scott and I shared a look and I gave him a nod to let him know that I would stand by his side if he needed my help.


"You were my Beta first, Scott. It was my bite that changed your life. And my bite that can end it." Peter taunted.


"Then, end it, Peter. Because you won't get another chance." Scott taunted back.


Peter and Scott then ran at each other and I knew that this fight was going to be very interesting.


*Hazelle's POV*


Braden and I were reloading our guns when we heard a wolf howl. We glanced at each other before looking to where Derek's body was supposed to be, but it was gone. Could that mean what I think it means?


We watched as the wolf attacked Kate and boy was it funny hearing her scream. Braden and I were happy when the wolf turned into Derek. I couldn't help but laugh when Derek told Kate that he was evolving and she would never be able to do that. I can't wait to kill this bitch so we can finally go home and relax.


*End of POV*


I can tell that the others want to help Scott, hell, even I want to help him, but all of us know that this is his fight and he needs to beat the hell out of Peter to prove to not only Peter, but himself, that he can be an Alpha without killing anyone. Peter decided that after throwing Scott across the room that he would go after Liam.


"Not in this lifetime." I growled as I stepped in front of Liam.


Peter started to come towards us but turned his attention to Scott as Scott got up. I'm so proud of Scott right now that it's not even funny. After Scott knocked Peter out, I ran over to him and hugged him.


"I'm so proud of you little brother." I told him.


Scott just chuckled but hugged me back. After we pulled apart, I let the others have their time with Scott before we headed out of this creepy place. I can't wait to see the others and I hope that Derek is alright.


I'm sad that Argent is going with the Calavera's but I know that it's for the best because he knows how to put Kate down. He also told us that he made a deal with them to keep them away from Scott and the rest of us. I know that I'll see him again, so I hugged him one last time before he left.


"I told you that everyone was coming back alive." I told Derek.


Derek just chuckled before hugging me. I hugged him back before going to hug Braden. I'm glad that these two are together and I hope that we get to hang out more. I hugged the others before going over to Jordan, who wasn't surprised to see me.


"Finally, peace at last." I sighed as I hugged Jordan.


"How long does it normally last?" Jordan chuckled as he hugged me tight.


"I have no clue. It just depends." I replied.


Jordan and I left with the others following close behind and I was happy to go see my uncle. He hugged me tight before hugging Stiles and Malia. My uncle took Malia out for food, and Jordan and I went to his apartment to spend time together. That turned into one magical reunion. Jordan and I laid wrapped up in each other before he said that he had to go to work.


"Do you have to?" I whined.


"Yes I have to, but if you be good then we'll spend time together after I get off." Jordan chuckled.


"Fine, but this time, I'm choosing what we do." I huffed.


Jordan just chuckled before giving me kiss, telling me he loved me, and heading off to work.


Zaira's outfit to Mexico:​


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