Can't Run Away from your Destiny (Book 4)

After losing Allison, Zaira doesn't know what to do. She's growing closer to a certain deputy, and she's developed a crush on him. With a list out and assassions coming after the people she loves, Zaira is trying to keep her sanity. She's also trying to help Scott with his new Beta. Read as she tries to stay alive, help everyone out, and figure out who wants them dead.


9. Perishable

I finally got to the school and started looking for Alysia. I couldn't find her and I also couldn't reach Jordan, which is odd. I slowly got out of my car and saw the cruiser that Alysia was talking about. I also noticed that some one was dowsing the cruiser with something. I think it could be gasoline, but I won't know for sure until I get closer. I started heading to the cruiser until I was grabbed from behind. I struggled as hard as I could, but stopped when Alysia stood in front of me.


“What the hell girl?” I growled.


“It's not personal girl, but Parrish is worth 5 million.” Alysia replied.


“What the hell does that even mean?” I asked confused because I wanted to throw her off.


“It means that he has to die.” Alysia replied with a smirk.


I didn't like that smirk but I didn't have time to respond because whoever held me, dragged me closer to the cruiser. When we got close enough, I saw that it was Haigh that was dowsing the cruiser, with Jordan in it, and that it was gasoline that he was using.


“It's about time you got here.” Haigh said as Alysia, me, and whoever the hell had me, stopped next to him.


Jordan and I shared a look and it was written all over his face that he didn't expect to see me. Jordan then turned his attention back to Haigh and tried to save both of us.


“Please... Please, don't do this. You're just gonna stand there? You're just gonna listen to a fellow Deputy burn to death? You're just gonna make an innocent person witness this?” Jordan pleaded.


Haigh didn't seem to budge but he placed headphones in. I couldn't believe that he was doing this, but with the dead pool, I'm not too surprised.


“I love you.” “I love you too.” Jordan and I said before Haigh lit a lighter and threw it in the cruiser.


The only screams that you could hear through the night was mine and Jordan's. After watching the cruiser burn, Haigh turned to me and I knew exactly what he was going to say.


“If you know what's good for you, you'll keep your mouth shut. Because if you don't, then you'll meet the same fate.” Haigh told me.


“You might as well kill me now because if you don't, then you'll regret it.” I growled back.


“Sorry babe, but I want you to suffer.” Haigh laughed before him, Alysia, and whoever was holding me left.


I watched the cruiser burn for a few more seconds before going back to my car. I knew what needed to be done, and I hope and pray that my uncle won't arrest me for what I'm about to do. I headed to the station and I can't shake Jordan's screams out of my head.


*Hazelle's POV*


I went to the station with Stiles and Lydia and for some reason, I could tell that something was off. I noticed that Parrish was missing and that's not normal. I also can't reach Zaira and that scares me. I hope that I'm wrong and that both of them are together because if not, then someone is going to pay.


I watched as Sheriff Stilinski asked around for Parrish, and my thoughts were confirmed when nobody knew where Parrish was. I also noticed that Haigh seemed to be hiding something. Now I know that something is really wrong and I want to go find Zaira, but I know that she would want me to stay with Stiles and Lydia, and that's what the hell I'm going to do.


*End of POV*


I finally arrived at the station, but I took a few more minutes before going in. I got myself together and headed inside. I couldn't even look at Haigh because I knew that if I did, then I would lose it. Hazelle seemed to notice because she met me halfway and walked me into my uncle's office.


“Hey Zia, have you seen Parrish?” Stiles asked.


I didn't trust my voice, so I just shook my head no. I moved closer to Hazelle because I knew that if I didn't, then I would fall completely apart. It wasn't but a few minutes later that we heard some noise outside my uncle's office. I glanced out the window and was shocked to see Jordan attacking Haigh. We opened the door, but that was a mistake because Haigh's gun went off and the bullet hit my uncle in the shoulder.


“Jordan!” I screamed.


Jordan seemed to stop at the sound of my voice and everyone seemed relieved. Jordan followed me to my car and I drove us to his apartment. We drove in silence because neither of us knew what to say. When we got to Jordan's apartment, he went to shower and I changed into some fresh clothes. It's a good thing that I carry an overnight bag with me because you never know what could happen.


“Jordan.” I squeaked as Jordan snuck up behind me.


“Sorry sweetheart.” Jordan laughed.


I leaned back into him and smiled. Jordan's arms tightened around me and that told me that we were thinking the same thing. I turned around to face him, and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was scared out of his mind. I didn't know what to say, so I leaned up and lightly kissed him. Jordan kissed me back and in that moment, I could tell that both of us were extremely happy that he was alive.


After our moment, Jordan followed me to Derek's loft, which is where Lydia and Hazelle wanted to meet. Jordan didn't want me to leave but I had to go be with my uncle. I gave Jordan a light kiss before leaving him in Hazelle's hands. I got to the hospital in time to hear my uncle tell Stiles that he shouldn't be going through his stuff.


“I love you both, but Stiles, stay out of things that don't concern you, and uncle, I've got you covered.” I said as I stepped in because I knew that the argument they were having was getting heated fast.


Both of them just looked at me before the morphine kicked in. I kissed my uncle's forehead before going to Stiles. He stood up from the chair and I hugged him tight. I told him that everything was going to be fine and that I would handle everything. Stiles nodded his head before we pulled apart.


*Hazelle's POV*


As I listened to Scott explain everything to Parrish, I felt so bad for him. I know that Zaira didn't want him involved and now that he is, I don't know what the hell she's going to do. I hope she knows that I'll help her anyway that I can, but now I need to ask Scott to explain things again because I'm just as confused as Parrish is. But then again, I might just wait and ask Zaira to explain it to me because she makes sure to explain everything slow and steady.


*End of POV*


I ended up leaving the hospital and going to Liam's because I could tell that something was off. I shocked Liam by showing up, but he finally admitted to me that he wasn't sleeping well. I hugged him tight and told him that I would stay with him until he fell asleep. We curled up in his bed and I held Liam to me. I ran my hand through his hair and I could feel that Liam was slowly relaxing and falling asleep. I was almost asleep myself when the printer started to print on its own. Liam seemed to hear it as well, so both of us got up and unplugged the printer. Liam told me that he would be alright, so I left and headed back to Derek's loft.


*Hazelle's POV*


I listened as Lydia told us about the story of her grandmother and the woman her grandmother loved. As I listened to the story, I couldn't help but wonder what the hell I'm helping with. After the story, my attention was turned toward the door as Zaira came in. I was happy to see her and by the look in her eyes, I could tell that she was struggling to hold herself together, but she sure as hell is doing a damn good job so far.


*End of POV*


I gave everyone a small smile before joining Jordan. Jordan pulled me closer to him and I just placed my hand on his chest to let him know that I was there. I decided that I wanted to talk to Jordan alone, so I gave my keys to Hazelle and followed Jordan to his truck.


“I know you're confused about everything, and I'll try to answer any question that you have.” I told Jordan.


“After everything is settled, we'll talk tonight.” Jordan said back.


I gave Jordan a nod before he drove us to the station. Stiles had texted me and told me that him and Lydia were going to meet us at the station. I told Jordan and he just nodded his head. I leaned over as he was driving and gave Jordan a kiss on the cheek.


“What was that for?” Jordan chuckled.


“Just for being you.” I laughed.


*Hazelle's POV*


I stayed with Scott and learned that Derek was losing his powers because of what Kate did. I can't believe that Kate did this to the guy she “supposedly loved” and is happy with the results. I hope that we see her again because I'm going to show her what a hybrid can do. *Cue my evil smile* I was pulled from my thoughts when my phone rung. I answered it and Stiles told me that there was an already dead deadpool. I'm confused as hell but Lydia then explained that the already dead deadpool told us which supernatural creatures were dead and who was left. It finally clicked and I'm glad that me or Zaira are not on the list. I decided to go to the bonfire because Zaira needs to be with her family, and when I looked around, I could tell that something was off already.


*End of POV*


I can't believe that I'm here at Eichen House. This place creeps me the hell out, but I let Stiles and Lydia go deeper inside while I waited in the lobby. Now I wished I would've followed them because now I have this feeling that something is wrong. I put my big girl pants on and went looking for Stiles and Lydia. I got to the file room and saw my cousin get tazed, and that Lydia was next. I attacked Brunski after he tazed Lydia, and boy did he knock me out cold.


*Hazelle's POV*


After I met up with Scott, we walked around and found Malia. I could tell that something was off because Malia was acting like she was drunk. I didn't think that werewolves could get drunk, but looking at Malia, I believe that the assassins are here. Scott and I helped Malia over to Liam and Mason, and it also looked like Liam was feeling the effect of the alcohol which isn't good.


*End of POV*


“Help us! Help us! Someone, help!” I heard Lydia yell.


I may be out but I'm not deaf. I can hear what's going on and I'm trying my hardest to wake up so I can help my family. For some reason my eyelids did not want to open, but I knew that I had to wake up, so I'm going to use my Alpha side to help me get up.


*Hazelle's POV*


“How much did you have to drink?” Mason asked Scott as he almost fell over.


“Nothing. Not even a sip.” Scott replied.


I knew right then that it wasn't the drinks, but it was the music. Scott and I shared a look before he told Mason and I to stay put and watch Liam and Malia. I'm glad that I'm not affected by this because now I can handle my business and get the job done. I hope Scott can get the music shut off soon because I don't know if Liam and Malia are going to last much longer.


*End of POV*


I slowly came to but it was a little too late because Brunski made Lydia listen to her grandmother's death. I couldn't believe that he did that but I think because Lorraine called Lydia Ariel, it threw Brunski off. I understand why Lorraine did that and I hope Lydia keeps her mouth shut. I can already tell that if someone doesn't get here soon, then this is going to get worse.


*Hazelle's POV*


Mason and I kept our eyes are Liam and Malia and I can see Scott weaving his way through the crowd to get to the DJ. I was praying that everything would work in our favor, and I'll be damned if the security guards didn't come our way and escort Liam and Malia away. One of the guards shoved Mason to the ground when he tried to go with them. I made sure Mason was alright before I chased after the guards. I listened in on the conversation and learned that Haigh told the guards to set Scott, Malia, and Liam on fire. After this is over, I'm going to find this asshole and kill him.


*End of POV*


I slowly sat up and listened as Brunski talked to both Stiles and Lydia, but it is funny that he completely forgot about me, and I'm going to use that to my advantage.


“We have a lot of teenagers trying to break into our drug cabinets. Most of the time that don't succeed. But you two look pretty clever to me.” Brunski said.


I looked his way and saw that he was filling a syringe full of some type of liquid, and I wasn't sure who he was going to use it on. I reached for my gun and got ready to make my move.


*Hazelle's POV*


I listened as the music was shut off and ran into the school. I helped Brayden and Derek defeat the guards and laughed when Scott asked about a gun and Derek replied that he was covered in gasoline. I'm glad that everyone is alright, but I'm worried about Zaira. I hope that she's okay.


*End of POV*


“I'll admit, Stiles, I don't have any unusual talents like Lydia, but, somehow, I just knew we were gonna get a chance to do this again.” Brunski said as he neared my cousin.


I watched as Brunski turned from my cousin and went to inject Lydia when Jordan showed up.


“Drop it. Take your thumb off that needle and slowly withdraw it from her neck.” Jordan demanded as he pointed his gun at Brunski, and boy was I happy to see him.


“Young Deputy. You're just a kid. I bet you've never even fired a...” Brunski started to say, but I shut him up by shooting him.


“Damn he's fucking annoying.” I growled as I helped free Lydia and Stiles.


Before we knew it, Meredith came out from the shadows and proved that she was the Benefactor. I'm confused as hell but as long as everyone is alive then I'm okay. I moved closer to Jordan and let him hug me to him. I hope that we can put a stop to this list before anybody else gets hurt. 


Zaira's outfit:

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