Can't Run Away from your Destiny (Book 4)

After losing Allison, Zaira doesn't know what to do. She's growing closer to a certain deputy, and she's developed a crush on him. With a list out and assassions coming after the people she loves, Zaira is trying to keep her sanity. She's also trying to help Scott with his new Beta. Read as she tries to stay alive, help everyone out, and figure out who wants them dead.


5. I.E.D.

~~I threw on some clothes because I was just called to my uncle’s office. I didn’t know why, but I think it might have to do with all the killings. When I got to the station, I was met with Scott and Stiles. I knew right then that it was about the killings. Stiles and Scott showed me a list of supernatural creatures with a number out beside them. The only thing that shocked me was that I wasn’t on the list.
“It’s a dead pool. A hit list of supernatural creatures. This is only part of it. The rest still has to be decoded.” Scott said pulling me out of my thoughts.
“Who found this list?” my uncle asked.
“Lydia.” Stiles replied.
“How?” my uncle asked completely confused, and he wasn’t the only one.
“She wrote it. Actually, she transcribed it. Without realizing it.” Stiles replied.
I’m even more confused now. How did Lydia know about every supernatural being in Beacon Hills? The more I think about it, the more confused I get. The only thing I can come up with is it’s because she’s a Banshee. I decided then that I didn’t want to know what the number meant because I think I already know, so I took that as my cue to leave. As I was leaving the station, Haigh kept trying to hit on me, but I just ignored him. Lucky for me, Jordan was standing at the door, waiting on me.
“Thank goodness.” I sighed as Jordan walked me to my car.
Jordan just chuckled and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Try to stay out of trouble, okay?” Jordan asked me as we stood by my car.
“I’m not promising anything.” I giggled.
Jordan chuckled before I kissed his cheek, got in my car, and left. I’m still shocked that we’re dating, but then again, I’m not because he is sexy as hell. I drove home and fell asleep, but that didn’t last long because my alarm went off. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, ate something for breakfast, and headed to the school. When I got there, Scott met me at my car door and practically dragged me to the locker room. I didn’t understand at first, but then I heard Liam growl and something break. I peeked around the corner and saw that Derek had broken Liam’s lacrosse stick, or so I thought. Liam wolfed out and attacked Derek, but Derek slammed him into some lockers.
“Liam.” Scott spoke but he knew that Liam heard him.
Scott and I walked out from behind changing lockers, and my heart sunk when I saw Liam. Liam glanced at us and I could tell that he was having trouble calming down.
“You’re right. He is angry.” Derek told us before letting Liam down, but only after Liam calmed down.
“This one’s yours.” Scott told Liam before handing him his lacrosse stick.
Before anyone could say another word, the school bell rung.
“Get to class, Liam.” Scott told Liam.
Liam glared at both Scott and Derek, and I walked Liam to his class. I could tell that something was on Liam’s mind, so I nudged his shoulder.
“Don’t stress too much, Liam. Derek is a hardass and Scott is trying his best. And you know that you can come to me whenever you need me.” I told Liam.
Liam just nodded his head and headed into class. Half of the day was already gone by lunch, and as I was heading to my car, I got a text from Stiles that said that one of the killers is on the lacrosse team. I’m in complete and utter shock, but I was going to rack my brain and figure out who it could be. When I glanced up from my phone, I heard Mason yelling for Liam, and I saw Liam heading toward a bus, where people were getting off.
“Hey Brett. I just wanted to say… Have a good game.” I heard Liam tell this guy.
I may not know who these people are, but I had a feeling that Liam did. I stood next to Liam as the guy decided to speak.
“That’s cute, Liam. Is that what they told to say in Anger Management? Apologize and everything’s fine? You demolished Coach’s car.” Brett said with a laugh.
“Is that really what this stupid thing is about?” I asked as I stood next to Liam.
“Well, who are you cutie?” Brett asked.
“Nice try but I have a boyfriend.” I laughed.
Brett’s face turned sour before going back to trash Liam. I knew Liam was losing his cool, but I hope that with me standing next to him, that it helps him some.
“I paid for it.” Liam replied with a clenched jaw.
“Yeah, you’re going to pay for it. We’re gonna break you in half out there. And it’s gonna be all your fault.” Brett growled as he towered over Liam.
I knew right then that Liam was about to lose it, but thank God Scott and Stiles showed up. I helped Scott get Liam into the locker room. Stiles followed not too long after, and helped them try to calm him down.
“That car you smashed. I thought you said that was our teacher’s.” Scott told Liam as Liam sat on the floor.
“He was also my Coach. He benched me for the entire season.” Liam replied.
“What did you do?” Scott asked before I could.
“I got a couple of red cards.” Liam replied.
“Just a couple?” Stiles scoffed.
I wanted to slap him, but I decided against it.
“You gotta be honest with us. What else happened?” Scott asked.
“Nothing. I got kicked out of school. They sent me to a psychologist for evaluation.” Liam replied sadly.
“What did they call it?” Scott pressed.
“Intermittent Explosive Disorder.” Liam replied.
“I.E.D? You’re literally an I.E.D?” That’s great. You gave powers to a walking time bomb.” Stiles told Liam before looking at Scott and finishing his statement.
“Did they give you anything for it?” Scott asked Liam.
“Risperdal. It’s an antipsychotic.” Liam replied.
“Oh, this just gets better.” Stiles said.
“But I don’t take it.” Liam stressed to us.
“Obviously.” Stiles scoffed.
Scott sighed before saying, “Okay. I think you should bail out of the game. Tell Coach your leg still hurts.”
“No, no! I can do this. Especially if you’re there.” Liam argued.
“But, Liam, it’s not about the game. We think whoever killed Demarco might be on our team.” Scott told Liam.
“Who’s Demarco?” Liam asked completely confused.
“The one who brought the beer to the party. The guy who was beheaded. Remember?” Stiles asked.
“We think that the person who ordered the keg killed Demarco. Liam? What, you know something?” Scott asked as he looked at Liam, who was in thought.
“I don’t know who ordered the keg. But I know who paid for it.” Liam told us.
Liam also told us that Garret was the one who paid for the keg. I couldn’t believe it, but I was more concerned about my friends. I headed on home to change for the game, and I was excited but scared at the same time. When I got back to the school, I snuck up on Liam and Mason, who was checking Brett out.
“He isn’t that cute.” I told Mason and Liam.
Liam grinned at me before I went to sit with Mason. As the game went on, I had to hide my head because our team was getting knocked down left and right. During the game, Coach benched Kira for not passing the ball. I thought about it and decided that I would talk to Coach and see if I could play. Lucky for me, Coach liked me enough to let me play.
“Zaira, you shouldn’t be out here.” Scott said as I met up with him, Stiles, and Liam.
“Do you really think I’d leave you guys to fight Garret off alone?” I questioned with a smile.
Liam smiled back and we continued to play. I was on fire, and I knew that the other team knew it too. They kept trying to knock me down, but I was a little too fast for them. My world suddenly stopped when both Brett and Liam went down hard.
“How hard did you hit him?” Scott asked and I was wondering the same thing.
“I didn’t. He hit me.” Liam panted.
“Are you cut? Did Garret cut you?” Scott asked Liam when we noticed that Brett wasn’t getting up and had to be lifted up.
“No, no. I’m okay.” Liam told us.
“Then he missed.” Scott told us.
“What do you mean?” Liam asked.
“It’s you, Liam. You’re the one he’s after.” Scott told us.
Now I’m going to play even harder to protect Liam. Garret hasn’t seen what I’m capable of till now. Liam talked to Coach and got benched for the rest of the game. I was thrilled about that, but something was missing.
“Guys. Lydia broke another third of the list.” Stiles said as he came up to us.
“Am I on it?” Liam asked and I was wondering the same thing.
“No. But someone else is.” Stiles replied as he told us that Brett was on the list.
I knew there was something that Stiles was hiding from us, but I figured that I would put that in the back of my mind for now.  Scott and I ran off to help Brett, and while I was helping Brett up, Scott got attacked by Violet.
“He said we shouldn’t try. But now I’ve got you. I got an Alpha.” Violet taunted as she tugged on her heated wire thing.
I may not know what she’s using but I do know that Scott is fixing to show her who’s boss. Scott turned around, broke whatever Violent had around his neck, and knocked her ass out. I was so proud of him. Brett was in shock that both Scott and I came to help him, but we know what it feels like to be hunted and not know it, and we’re not going to let anyone else die on our watch. Stiles came in a second later and I was glad that he wasn’t here when Violent attacked Scott.
“I think you better call your dad.” Scott told Stiles.
I knew right then that this was going to be a very long night. Who knows what else could happen? I just hope that Jordan doesn’t show up because I really don’t want him involved, but knowing my uncle, Jordan will be here. Guess I’ll know when my uncle gets here.

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