Can't Run Away from your Destiny (Book 4)

After losing Allison, Zaira doesn't know what to do. She's growing closer to a certain deputy, and she's developed a crush on him. With a list out and assassions coming after the people she loves, Zaira is trying to keep her sanity. She's also trying to help Scott with his new Beta. Read as she tries to stay alive, help everyone out, and figure out who wants them dead.


11. A Promise to the Dead

After Meredith was situated, I followed Jordan back to his apartment. I also told Hazelle to watch over Liam, and she agreed. I have a feeling that something is off with him, but I also know that he won’t admit anything to anyone. I'm so grateful that I have Hazelle by my side because I couldn't do this without her.


*Hazelle's POV*


I was sitting in a tree watching over Liam, and I noticed that he was basically begging Mason to stay with him. I didn't understand at first, but as the night went on, I figured out why. Liam's not sleeping very well at night, and I have an idea on what's keeping him up. He's scared of the berzerkers and he has every right to be. Those damn things scare the hell out of me, and I'm normally not scared of anything.


"You're not there. You're not there." I heard Liam say.


I looked into the window and saw nothing there. Now it's all making sense; Liam is imagining that the berzerker is in his room, even though there's nothing there. I feel so bad for this kid, so I decided to do something that I would never do, unless it was for Zaira, and lightly opened Liam's window and I started to softly hum to him. I guessed it worked because Liam was fast asleep.


*End of POV*


I left Jordan’s apartment after he went to work and decided to meet up with Scott. We met at Derek's loft and Scott gave me a hug, which I was happy for, because I really needed it after everything that's happened in the last few days. As we entered Derek's loft, I gave him hug, which he returned. I could tell just by Derek's hug that he was doing alright.


"How's Braden?" I questioned.


"She's good." Derek replied with a smile.


I smiled back and let Derek and Scott talk. I wished that all of this was over because then I could talk Braden into getting Derek to double date with me and Jordan. I decided to go check on Liam, since Hazelle called me and told me what happened last night, and couldn't believe that Liam was going to attempt to lift 300 pounds.


"What the hell Liam?!" I hollered as I watched Scott pick the weights off of Liam.


Liam didn't say anything but I could tell that he was upset. I knew what was going on, but he needed to tell his friends, or this could end up worse than it already is.


"Liam?" Scott inquired.


"I'm fine." Liam replied.


"If you don't want to be with us, that's okay. But don't push your friends away too." Scott said before he walked out of the gym.


"I'm here for you if you ever need me. Please don't keep everything bottled up because it will destroy you." I told Liam before I left.


I called Hazelle and we decided to have a movie night. We needed to try to live our lives as normal as we could, and this movie night is hopefully going to do that. The movie night was a complete success and the next day, Hazelle and I decided to have a movie night every week. We got ready for the game and as we were waiting for the game to begin, I noticed that Scott and Kira weren't there.


"Where the hell is Scott and Kira?" Hazelle asked as she looked around.


"I have no idea, but I hope that they get here soon." I replied.


We continued to look for Scott and Kira, until I got an SOS text from Argent. I told Hazelle that I would be back, and tracked Argent to some type of sewer. The funny thing is, is that Jordan also showed up.


"They're gone." Argent told us as Jordan and I came into the light.


"How long have you been like this? And why are you here, Zaira?" Jordan asked Argent before turning to me.


"I don't know. Might have blacked out a few times." Argent replied.


"Chris sent me an SOS text. Why else would I be here?" I told Jordan.


Jordan seemed to accept my answer and turned back to Argent.


"Peter Hale did this?" Jordan asked.


"You were following him?" Argent questioned completely confused.


"Every day since Meredith Walker." Jordan replied.


I didn't know what to say so I just stood there.


"Listen to me. Both of you. Kate's going after Scott." Argent told us.


"Peter and Kate." I basically growled.


"You've got to warn them." Argent told us.


"We can't. There's no service down here." Jordan said back.


"Then just go." Argent said.


"If we leave right now, you'll be dead by the time either of us get back. We're getting you out of here." Jordan told Argent.


Argent looked between Jordan and myself, and I gave him a comforting nod.


*Hazelle's POV*


I don't know what the hell is going on, but I hope Zaira is alright. I can tell that something is wrong, but I'm not going anywhere because Malia and Liam are here and I'll be damned if anything happens to them.


*End of POV*


I had to walk away when Argent started screaming, since Jordan was trying to get the pipe to bend back into shape so he can pull it out.


"Sorry. I'm sorry. I can't do it myself. It's not bending back and it's not coming out of the wall." Jordan told Argent.


"Leave." Argent sighed.


"I can't do that either. I need you to help me. I know you're hurt and tired, but I need you to gather everything you've got and help me." Jordan told Argent.


"I've got nothing." Argent said.


"That's not true and you know it Chris." I told him as I walked closer to the two guys.


"Grab the bar, sir." Jordan said.


"I've got nothing left. Please, go. Just go. You're running out of time." Argent cried.


"Why the hell would you say that?! You may not see it, but I do look at you like a daughter looks at her father." I told Argent.


Argent lifted his head and looked at me. I was trying to hold myself together but with Argent trying to give up and die is really starting to get to me.


"You know what you need? Adrenaline. There's two ways to get it. Fear and anger. Since you don't look like a guy who's afraid of anything, you need to get angry. You need to get so angry that your brain lets loose every bit of adrenaline it has left." Jordan said to Argent, which made his attention go back to him.


"I'm too tired to be angry." Argent cried.


"Okay. I don't know much about you or what you've been through. But Lydia told me some of it, and Zaira filled in some of blanks. And I know about Allison. I know how she felt about Scott. And I think if she knew what was happening to him, she'd be pretty angry. (I nodded my head in agreement because that's exactly how Allison would feel) At least angry enough to try one more time to get the hell out of here. So whatever trigger you need, if it's Allison, or your sister, or Peter, use it. Use it right now." Jordan coaxed Argent.


I watched in amazement as Argent mustered up enough anger to help Jordan bend the pipe back straight and get Argent off of it. I also took notice that Jordan's eyes turned orange as he bent the pipe. I'm glad that Argent is going to be alright, but now it's time to go kill, better yet, slaughter a bitch.


"Thank you Zaira." Argent whispered.


"For what?" I asked confused.


"For everything. You're right, I've never noticed how you looked at me, but now that I think back, all the signs were there. You are like another daughter to me." Argent replied.


I was at a loss for words, so I lightly hugged Argent and told him that I would hug him tighter when he was better. Argent was fine with that, and Jordan and I continued to help him out of the sewer.


*Hazelle's POV*


I followed Stiles and his dad into Derek's loft and was shocked to see it in a complete mess. I nodded my head at Derek and Braden and they gave me a nod in return. I overheard Stiles telling Lydia that both Scott and Kira were taken, and then Deaton told him that they were in Mexico. I remember what Zaira told me about her trip to Mexico to get Derek, and now she has to go back to save Scott and Kira. At least she's not going without me this time.


"Looks like we're going on a road trip." I told the four people in the room.


"Seems that way." Derek agreed.


I called Zaira and told her, and she reacted the way that I thought she would. Looks like we're in for the fight of our lives because we have no idea what the hell Kate is doing, or why she took Scott and Kira. I can't wait to meet this bitch.


*End of POV*


After I hung up from Hazelle, I re-entered the room that Argent was in, and Jordan had to pull me to him to try to calm me down.


"The bitch took my family. She took them back to fucking Mexico. Does this bitch have a death wish? Sorry but no offense Chris." I growled.


"None taken, but you're not going alone." Argent told me.


"I wasn't planning on it. I'm meeting up with the others and we're all going together. She's going to die this time." I said.


"Try not to get too far ahead of yourself, alright." Jordan told me as I was walking out of Argent's room.


"I'm not making any promises, Jordan. This bitch has caused a lot of people a lot of pain, including her own brother. She has got to die and stay dead this time." I said.


"Just please be careful and come back in one piece." Jordan said as he leaned against Argent's door.


"I will and I'll see you in the Grand Line." I said.


Jordan chuckled because of the reference I made. I was glad to hear that sound because who knows when I'll hear it again. I gave Jordan a kiss before leaving to meet up with everyone. I can't wait for us to be face to face with her because her ass is going down, and nothing she does will stop us.


Look out Kate Argent, I'm coming for you and this time, you'll stay dead.


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