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Meet Skylar. She's a normal teenage girl who has everything that she could ever ask for. A loving family, an adorable loving boyfriend who is on the the football team, and is being nominated for Homecoming Queen. But what happens when a boy moves in next door & starts to develop feelings for her. Will she fall for him or will they stay just friends? (Justin is not famous yet)


25. Track meet

Skylar's POV 

Today is the track meet I have 15 minutes to get to the school & everyone else is at the car while I'm getting my things together. I grab my bag & phone texting Kylie that we are leaving. 

Olivia: "Sky is mommy & daddy coming to see you race?" 

Skylar: "no they're still in Arizona but they'll be back Friday." 

She nodded her head looking back out the window. We pulled up to the school, I went to the track to find my team the coach was about to tell us our positions. 

Coach: "Brandon you're first leg, Kim you're second leg, Zack you're third leg, & Skylar you're anchor. On three!"

everyone: "BlueJays!"

Announcer: "ladies & gentlemen welcome to the track meet! We have 'Johnson Wolves' v.s 'Northwestern BlueJays'"

We took our places on the field. I was next to 'Jennifer Sanchez' she's one of the best track runners in the country she was going to move to our school but her parents said no. 

Jennifer: "good luck." 

Skylar: "thanks, good luck to you too." 

The race began, Brandon was ahead by half a foot but the other runner caught up. Kim was slow at first but she managed to catch up passing the other runner. Zack was tied with his apponent but he got slower. When it got to me & Jennifer she past me but I caught up I gave everything I had just enough to pass her crossing the finish line. 

The crowd was roaring with applause my team mates congratulated me. Jennifer came up shaking my hand the coach took her aside to talk. Everytime she's in the meet he tries to convince her parents to let her come to our school. 

Coach: "her parents gave in she's transferring on Monday!" 

The team was cheering I'm glad she's transferring. Everyone picked me & Jennifer up saying we're like track sisters. (But she's way better than me)

Olivia, Ryan, & Justin came up to me hugging me congratulating me. 

Skykar: "thanks guys but I'm exausted I wanna sleep." 

Ryan: "it's 5:36 in the afternoon." 

Skylar: "I know but last night I stayed up late then I had school, as soon as we came home I had to change & leave again." 

Ryan: "ok we'll go home but doesn't anyone else want food right now?" 

Liv: "me!!" 

Justin: "I could eat."

Skylar: "let's get Beefaroo I want cheese fries & chicken strips." 

After getting our food we went home I went straight to my room watching tv while eating my food. Justin walks in laying down in my bed tugging me toward him. 

Justin: "I could lay here all day." 

Skylar: "me to." 

I fell asleep in his arms my head on his chest & him playing with my hair.  

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