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Meet Skylar. She's a normal teenage girl who has everything that she could ever ask for. A loving family, an adorable loving boyfriend who is on the the football team, and is being nominated for Homecoming Queen. But what happens when a boy moves in next door & starts to develop feelings for her. Will she fall for him or will they stay just friends? (Justin is not famous yet)


24. Party part. 2

Justin's POV 

The whole night at the party Nathan was eyeing Sky down trying to make her jealous by making out with Veronica, grabbing her ass everything. Skylar was tipsy but not drunk some of our favorite songs played & we danced all night. Big Sean' song I don't fuck with you came on & Nathan came around the corner. He & Sky made eye contact then next thing I know she went on the bar singing the song to him. 

Skylar: "I don't fuck with you! You lil stupid ass bitch I ain't fuckin with you! You lil, you lil dumb ass bitch I ain't fuckin with you. I gotta a million trillion things I'd rather fuckin do. Then to be fuckin with you!"

He looked pisswd as hell. Like the devil himself came from he'll to kill us all. I could hear Veronica trying to calm him down but he just pushed her to the ground walking up to Sky about to grab her but I stopped him before he could touch her. 

Justin: "I told you not to touch her, that includes going anywhere near her." 

Nathan: "your the reason she won't take me back so if I just show her the punk you really are then she'll leave you & come back to me." 

Skylar: "no I won't I left you cause your an asshole, Justin is nothing like you he's everything I thought you were. " 

Nathan: "shut up bitch this doesn't concern you right now!" 

Thats when I lost it, as soon as he faced me again I punched him in the face knocking him to the ground. Everyone was gathering around now. I kicked him in the stomach he wheezed not able to catch his breath I punch him a few more times before someone gets me off of him. 

Logan,Kylie, & Skylar pulled me to the car to go home. I hold Sky's hand the whole way back the ride was full of Logan & Kylie asking what had happend I explained everything Skylar whispers in my ear saying thank you. I turn to look into her beautiful hazel eyes as I lean in to kiss her. 

Skylar: "Justin?" 

Justin: "yea?"

Skylar: "I know we haven't been together long but I'm falling in love with you." 

Justin: "I'm falling for you too."

Kylie: "awe !!!!" 😍 

Skylar: "really Kylie?" 

Kylie: "yes really!"

Everyone started laughing as we pulled into Skykar's driveway. 

Skylar: "do you guys wanna stay the night? We can watch movies & eat junk food." 

Kylie: "I thought you were staying in shape for the track meet on Wednesday?" 

Skylar: "I can still eat junk food." 

We sat on the couch with snacks watching 'Soul Surfer' & some other movies, soon Sky fell asleep in my arms I carried her to her room laying down with her in her bed going to sleep. 

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