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Meet Skylar. She's a normal teenage girl who has everything that she could ever ask for. A loving family, an adorable loving boyfriend who is on the the football team, and is being nominated for Homecoming Queen. But what happens when a boy moves in next door & starts to develop feelings for her. Will she fall for him or will they stay just friends? (Justin is not famous yet)


23. Party part. 1

Skylar's POV 

It's been a week since the whole rumor incident & people are still believing Nathan's bullshit. Homecoming is next week but there is a party tonight that we do every year before the dance. 

Justin: "babe where are you?"

Skylar: "in my room!"

Justin: "hey you're going to the party tonight right?" 

Skylar: "yea." 

Justin lays on my bed looking up at the ceiling I lay next to him looking at his beautiful face. I know we haven't been together long but I can already see a future with him. 

Justin: "what are you thinking about?"

Skylar: "the future, hoping well be together. Is that weird?"

Justin: "no I was thinking about our future too." 

Skylar: "where do you see us in the future." 

Justin: "marriage, kids, our own house."

i can't believe he sees us in the future together. I love people who plans things like this. 

Justin: "what time is the party?" 

Skylar: "at 7 it's 6:25, we gotta get ready now." 

Justin went over to his house to get dressed, Kylie & Logan were on their way over so we can go to the party together. 

After I got out the shower i curled my hair I put on some leather pants, a skin tight red crop top with a zipper, with black heels. I did my makeup black lipstick, smokey eye, with winged eyeliner. 

The doorbell rang I went downstairs to see Kylie & Logan at the door talking to Ryan. Kylie was wearing a short white dress with neon green heels. Logan wearing a white button up shirt with black pants. 

Justin comes in the door wearing a red button up shirt with white pants. He came up behind me wrapping his arms around me. I saw Kylie taking pictures of us smiling at us. 

Kylie: "you guys are so cute together!" 

Justin: "thanks"

Skylar: "you should send me that picture." 

Logan: "we should get going to the party it's already 7:30." 

We walked to Logan's car me & Justin in the back, Kylie in the passenger seat Logan driving. We pulled up to the party within 5 minutes, as soon as we walk in the music blasted in our ears, heat radiating from sweaty bodies & alcohol filled the room. Justin grabbed my hand pulling me closer to him. 

Justin: "stay close." 

I nod my head looking at him in the eyes. We walked to the kitchen to get something to drink when we saw the most disgusting thing ever. Veronica & Nathan hooking up on the kitchen counter. 

Kylie: "get a room!"

They turn looking at us Veronica glared at me while Nathan just smirked at me looking me up & down. This should be fun. (Sarcasm)  


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