What do you mean?

Meet Skylar. She's a normal teenage girl who has everything that she could ever ask for. A loving family, an adorable loving boyfriend who is on the the football team, and is being nominated for Homecoming Queen. But what happens when a boy moves in next door & starts to develop feelings for her. Will she fall for him or will they stay just friends? (Justin is not famous yet)


11. Family day part. 2

Skylar's POV 

My mom pulled up in front of the mall & we got out the car when we walk in the main entrance, I immediately pull my mom & Liv to the piercing cart to get another ear piercing. 

After getting another piercing & getting Olivia's ears done we went to Starbucks for something to drink. I get my usual smoothie, while Olivia gets water & a muffin, my mom just gets coffee. 

I walk a few stores down to deb trying to find a dress for homecoming. I watch Liv play around with the jewelry trying things on, I smile at how adorably goofy she can be sometimes. When I was about to give up on a dress to wear I finally found the dress. It's a high-low dress black at the bottom & white at the top whith black skulls. 

Mom: "did you find one yet?" 

Skylar: "yea this one." 

I hand my mom the dress & she looks at it befor walking over to the jewelry wall to get my sister. After checking out the dress I go to another store to get shoes & a necklace. Kylie texted me saying that she already found her dress & that she wants to stay the night to go over a list of guys for her to go with since her boyfriend dumped her. 

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