Jeff The Killer Love Story

My name Is Olivia, and this is my story of my romance with Jeff The Killer


1. 'H-Hello?'

Olivia's POV

"Hey! Olivia!" My firend called me from down the sidewalk, I turned around and I waited till she was next to me "Did you hear about pewdiepie's new T.V. show, Scare Pewdiepie?" She curiously asked me "Yeah! It sounds like a really great project he is working on" I said smiling brightly.

We talked about Pewdiepie, cry, and ken for awhile till we ended up in front of her house "Well...ill see you tommorrow" Britney said sadly "Yep..Bye" I said walking away from her house and walked into the woods thag I usally take to get home from school.

I felt strange while I was walking someone was watching me "Hello?" I yelled/said, no answer so I kept walking until I ended up in front of my house.

I walked into my house and walked into the kitchen to grab something to drink, on the fridge there was a note from my mom and dad.

Hey honey, me and your father are on a business trip so we will see you in 2 monthes, we left you money for bills,and all,of that, we love you- mom and dad.

Oh My God! Are you kidding me! They just got back from a business trip! I sighed.

I grabed my drink, and went to the living room to watch youtube.


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