good boy meets bad girl

Meet Cameron smith a bad girl who smashes stuff and is late to class skips school and her parents are discussed in meet Alex Johnson a good boy perfect grades never late for class perfect attendance parents love him when he decides to change he turned to Cameron and his innocence mind is destroyed


1. 1

camerons pov

​"Cameron,lexi come down stairs for me please me and your farther have a surprise for you two!"christian my step mum yelled from down stairs,"its 7 in the god damn morning what the hell do you want!" I screamed " just get dressed and come downstairs"my dad said calmly.i put on my black ripped skinny jeans,a black tube top,my plain black jumper and my black BK knights.i put in my spider bites and all my ear pircings then I brushed my long brown wavey hair the I walked down stairs to see my sister dressed like a slag and my step mum looking like slut no change there then and my dad wearing jeans and a greenday t shirt."what was so important that you had to wake me up for?"I asked as I grabbed a can of Arizona tea from the fridge and made some co co pops."well cam we wanted to tell you that were moving to North Carolina and that you need to tale out all them horrible pircings and start dressing like lexi"christian said with a smirk 😏"1 never call me cam 2 don't care I I'm moving and 3 I'm not dressing like a slag and the pircings are staying right here."I said back to her "Cameron don't be mean and start packing we leave tomorrow"my dad said.I ran upstairs mad that they didn't tell me sooner I started punching my wall but then my fist whent through the wall the amount of times my dad has had to plaster the walls because of my anger problems is un real christian has tryed to get me to go to anger management but that just lead to more holes in the walls.I don't have alot of stuff I'm my room cos I didn't want much I have a chest of drawers a full length mirror and a queen sized mattress on my floor with my pillows and quilt on it I also have a black suit case in the corner I grabbed it and put all of my hoodies,tops,jeans,pants,bras,bands and other girly stuff into my suitcase and left some stuff for tomorrow then I grabbed my skate board and iphone 6 ansld walked out the door I skated to the skate park and then I plugged my head phones in and layed on the grass a few minutes later a lass walked up to me and said "ohh look its the little goth sitting on the grass all alone." "shut up you dirty slag" I yelled at her and all her minions behind her shut up laughing and starred at me " or what?" She asked smugly.i punched her in the face twice then punched her I the gut I punched her mouth one last time and she passed out.i walked home and seeing as it was 10 at night I decided to go to bed but first I needed a snack so I made a nutella sand wich and whent to sleep.

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