A Night in the City of Love

When 18 year old, Macie Carson got a scholarship to a fashion school in Paris, she has to leave everything behind. Her family, her best friends, and her loving boyfriend Andrew. After mourning over a break up, she would have never thought that she would ever find new love in the city of love.


1. Stalking 24/7

I sat up and took in the fresh pine blowing in from my air freshener. I clicked my phone on. Crap I'm gonna be late for school! I rushed to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. When I got out, I pulled my hair into a messy bun and started brushing my teeth. I walked to my closet and pulled out my black crop top that read '#summer'. I pulled it over my head and then rushed to my dresser and pulled out a pair of dark blue jean shorts. I grabbed my phone, charger, head phones, and back pack before pulling my black converse on, grabbing my skate board, and heading to school. My best friend, May, came skating from her house. "You're late too?" "Just like every other Monday that we have school on." I laughed at her response because it was true. She was always walking in late to Mr. Moray's English class. "How come your late today?" I looked at her and gave her that 'I really don't want to talk about it' look. She sighed and looked at the ground. "Was Benny texting you again?" "All night! I couldn't even shut my eyes without my phone going off. I finally got mad and turned it off. When I woke up this morning, I had 6 missed calls and almost 40 messages." "Damn!" "Yea." She stopped and picked up her board before continuing. "Do you know why he does this?" "No but its going to have to stop because this has been going on all day since Saturday." "Since Saturday?" My phone beeped. "And here we go again." "Give me that!" She reached over and snatched my phone before I could pull it away. "Can you meet me under the big oak tree out in front of the school?" "Tell him no! Doesn't he understand that I have a boyfriend and a life." May snickered as she typed. I picked up my board as I walked into the main building. I stuffed it in my locker and grabbed my books before rushing to Mr. Moray's with May texting on my phone still. "How long does it take you to type the word no. I mean it's only two letters." May laughed. "I know but he keeps on coming up with excuses and reasons for you to meet him under the tree." I laughed and took my phone from her and shut it off as we walked into class. Mr. Moray wasn't in there. He was probably sitting in the work room reading a newspaper or trying to hook up with the single, young teachers. Sometimes he does it in the hall and I feel like I need to puke. I sat down next to Andrew. He kissed my cheek. I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder. "Benny?" I nodded. "What now?" "He wants her to meet him under the big oak tree out front. When she told him no he just came up with a bunch of ridiculous excuses." May smiled and looked pleased with herself. " Is that true?" I nodded. he sighed. " I'm gonna kick his ass!" I looked up at him. " No you're not. I'm just gonna ignore him and stay with you and May." Andrew sighed disappointedly. "Hey I don't you in trouble for a stupid high school stalker. We are graduating in like two months. You don't need that on your record." He laughed and kissed the top of my head. " I can't kick his ass because you're saving mine?" "That is 99.9% true." He laughed as Mr. Moray walked in. I groaned. Andrew laughed and pushed me up. I just fell forward and laid my head on the desk.

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