Her Royal Highness

This is a story about her royal highness Amelia Katherine Stephany Renaldi, princess of Genovia. Her dream is to live a normal life in the United States of America. Just for one year. Her father agrees on one condition: she can go to America, but the second they find out who Amelia really is, she has to come back to Genovia. What will happen when she's there? Will she find love? Will people find out who she really is?


2. Chapter Two

After a month of preparing, Charlotte and I are finally ready to move to Los Angeles. I'm so excited! I still cannot believe my dad was okay with it. He did have a few demands, but they weren't that terrible. He just told me to give myself a new name. Just to use while I am there. He was afraid that people actually did know about Genovia and her royal family, so he thought Amelia Renaldi would never work out. He also told me he wanted me to dye my hair or start wearing a wig. That would make recognizing me harder. I just think it's not necessary at all. I did buy a wig, so I can easily leave Genovia, but I don't think I will actually use it when I'm in America. Not that I am going to tell my dad about it. The last rule was that I should stay away from paparazzi and trouble. But that’s not going to be that hard. I mean it’s not my nature to get my ass in trouble or get attention. I actually never really liked being in the spotlights. I told him that many, many times. I’m sure that deep down he knows it too. He is just afraid of letting me go. Which is why, he rented us a house in the most secured neighborhood of LA. It’s probably a big house as well. My dad has a pretty different interpretation of ‘normal’. When he told me and Charlotte about it, we just burst in to laughter. He got a little mad at us and told us that he had to protect his country’s future queen and that we had to obey our king. Typical dad. Whenever he can’t win an argument he throws in the ‘I am not only your father, I am also your king. And as your king I order you to do as I say’ card. Later on, I knew he was right. If something happened to me he would never forgive himself. Which is why he had contacted president Obama. He wanted the secret services to know about me being there. There would be an agent when I arrived at the airport, who would gave me a new ID with my new name on it. They also arranged that one of the agents would be close to us, to make sure we were safe. I was promised that they wouldn’t get in the way of living a normal life, we shouldn’t even notice they were there. So it should be fine. There was a knock on the door. “You may come in.” I told them. The door opened, revealing my beautiful cousin Charlotte. “OMG AMES WE ARE GOING TO LOS ANGELES TODAY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?” I started laughing. “I know, I know! And no I really can’t believe it.” Charlie jumped on my bed. “So, have you figured out your new name yet?” I sighed. “No I haven’t. I’m kinda stuck between Amy and Kate. And my last name is even harder.” “Well, why don’t you just use mine? I don’t have to change my name, because nobody knows me.” “Well then my last name will be Jensen. So will it be Amy Jensen or Kate Jensen?” I asked Charlotte. “Well I really like Kate Jensen. It sounds tough, but pretty.” “Kate Jensen it is then.”

Two hours later it was time to say our goodbyes. We would all meet at the castle’s main entrance. I bought Sophia a little gift, so she would have something to keep me close. It were two necklaces. One with the letter A and one with the letter S. Once we arrived we hugged our families. “Amelia I am so proud of you. Just promise me you will take good care of yourself while you are there.” “Of course daddy. I will.” Suddenly I realized something. “Dad, what will you say to all of our people? I will be absent at all the parties in the upcoming year… won’t they notice?” My dad laughed. “Honey don’t worry. I already have a statement ready that says you are going to travel, to get more life experience so you will be an amazing queen.” I sighed in relief. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? “Thank you daddy.” Then I walked up to Sophia who was playing with her doll. “Soph?” She looked up smiling at me. “Hey baby sis. You know that I am going to live somewhere else for a year right?” “Yews I do. And I miss you.” “I will miss you too sweetie. But I bought you something so I will always be with you.” I gave her the present. She quickly opened it and saw the necklaces. She smiled. “You like them?” She nodded. “The one with the A is for you, and the one with the S is for me. So we will always be together.” She smiled motioning me for a hug. I lifted her up and hugged her tight. “Fank ywou.” “You’re welcome sissy. Do you want me to put in around your neck?” “Yews!” I put her necklace on and then I put mine on. “You are so beautiful Sophia. I love you.” “I wove ywou too.” “Sophia said. “Your highness, it is time for you and miss Charlotte to go. The plane is leaving in an hour.” I hugged my aunt and then my sister and father. Charlie did the same. “I love you dad, I love you Soph.” “We love you too." Then Charlotte and I walked to the cars. One full with suitcases and the other one was for us. We waved as we sped away. Once we were in the car I grabbed my dark brown wig, to cover up my long and curly blonde hair. The wig also had curls. I looked in the mirror, and saw a whole different girl. Well this is not something I will get used to. I will get rid of it as soon as I am in the USA. I colored my eyebrows with a dark brown pencil. This looks a little better. More like I am a natural brunette. After half an hour we finally arrived at the airport. We went through a secret gate and got to our private jet. Because of my safety I wasn’t allowed to go on a regular plane. But it didn’t really matter to me that much. After fifteen minutes of waiting inside the jet, the pilot started the engine and we rose into the clear blue sky.

About twenty hours later we entered our new home. It was huge but so amazing. It had five bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a cinema. We rushed to our beds, deciding we would unpack later that day. I was so exhausted of the traveling. At 10 a.m. I finally woke up. I took a shower and got dressed. I was wearing some skinny jeans and a long sleeved crop top with blue and white stripes. My blonde hair was loose and I had some soft brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara on for make-up. I was also wearing my beloved new marine blue stiletto’s. When I walked down the stairs I saw Charlotte making breakfast. “Morning Charlie.” “Good morning Kate.” Oh yeah that’s right. My name is now Kate. “So Charlie, after we have breakfast and unpacked, what do you want to do today?” I asked my cousin. “Well I was thinking maybe we could do some grocery shopping? And then maybe stop by the neighbors’ house? Ask if they would like to join us for dinner?” “Yeah that sounds great.” During we breakfast we just did some small talk, about how excited we were for the upcoming year and what we wanted to do during that year. When we finished breakfast we washed the dishes and went upstairs to start unpacking. Four hours later we walked outside to go get some groceries for dinner and the next couple of days. I was glad that nobody recognized me. They didn’t even pay attention to me, which was an amazing difference compared to home. I had actually never done grocery shopping before – I know stupid right? – so I just walked after Charlotte. When we got everything we needed we went back home to put all of our groceries away. “You ready to go to the neighbors’ house?” Charlotte asked me. “Yeah. Let’s go. I am dying to meet them. I truly hope they are not that old, cause that would be kind of lame.” “Oh my god princess. I never would have thought you would say something like that.” Charlotte laughed. “I know, I know. But the next year I am not a princess. So I won’t have to behave like one. Now let’s go! It’s already 4 p.m. and we want to have some time to prepare dinner right?” She nodded and we left. We walked up to the enormous mansion. I was a little nervous, I don’t meet new people that often. Charlotte knocked on the door and a couple seconds later it was opened. My heart started to beat faster as I looked at a young guy, in his early twenties, with beautiful hazel brown eyes, amazing hair and the perfect body. I was in complete shock. Right in front of me stood popstar Justin Drew Bieber.

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