Her Royal Highness

This is a story about her royal highness Amelia Katherine Stephany Renaldi, princess of Genovia. Her dream is to live a normal life in the United States of America. Just for one year. Her father agrees on one condition: she can go to America, but the second they find out who Amelia really is, she has to come back to Genovia. What will happen when she's there? Will she find love? Will people find out who she really is?


1. Chapter One

“Her royal highness princess Amelia Katherine Stephany Renaldi of Genovia.” Time for me to shine. The guards opened the big golden doors for me before I walked down the stairs, entering the ballroom. My father was waiting for me down the stairs. He smiled and looked proud of me. I saw the guests looking at what I was wearing. It was a beautiful long black dress, with lace over my arms and my upper body. The rest of the dress was just plain black. I was also wearing black pumps and of course my tiara. I had simple make-up, just a little eyeliner, mascara and soft pink lipstick. My long blonde hair was loose, just the way I like it. I kept smiling and nodding at the guests. When I was downstairs I posed for the Genovian paparazzi. They took pictures of me alone and of me and my dad. Maybe I should introduce myself a little. Hi, I’m princess Amelia Katherine Stephany Renaldi of Genovia. I am eighteen years old and one day I will be queen. You may think that I’m really loving and enjoying being royal and stuff, I do, but sometimes I just get sick of it. I want to be treated normally. But because of the hierarchy I can’t. I have a dad, King Jonathan James David Renaldi of Genovia. I also have a little sister, princess Sophia Anastacia Cecily Renaldi. Tonight we have a ball to raise money for children in need. It was our moms favorite charity. She passed away when I was fourteen, right after giving birth to Sophia. We could only save one of them and it broke my father’s heart. He could either lose a baby girl or his wife. At the end my mom made the decision. She told my dad that he had to save Sophia, because she said it was her time to go. My dad had his people take me to the hospital, so I could say goodbye. We took our last family picture. And ten minutes after Sophia was born, my mom took her last breath. The whole kingdom was devastated and broken. But we build the kingdom up again knowing that my mom, queen Katherine Anastacia Emily Hamilton Renaldi, was always with us. Wanting us to go on with our lives. Tonight was one of my mother’s favorite nights. My dad leaded me to the dancefloor and we danced to my mother’s favorite song. My dad did a speech and afterwards it was time for us to mingle and speak with our guests. I was hoping to avoid the prime minister and his family, but I unfortunately didn’t succeed. I really dislike these people. See, the prime minister tries to convince my dad of a marriage between me and the prime minister’s son. My dad and I don’t want that, because his son is a jackass and the prime minister is just trying to get more power in the kingdom. “Your highness.” The prime minister said as he and his family made a bow. Seriously, the bowing gets really annoying. I’m a human being you know, not that special. “Good evening George, Jacob, Anna.” I said while doing a famous royal nod. “How are you doing my beautiful princess?” “I’m fine Jacob thank you. How are you?” “Very good, especially since I’m talking to you.” I tried to stay polite while having a conversation with them. Never knew it was that hard for me to stay nice. Seriously that dude needs to stop flirting with me. Then I saw someone who I was more than wanting to talk to. “Excuse me please, I have to go. Enjoy the rest of your evening and thank you for your donation.” They bowed saying their goodbyes and I rushed away. “CHARLOTTE!” “AMELIA! How are you?” “I’m great. How are you?” “I’m perfect. I missed you so much Ames.” “I missed you too Charlie. I’m so happy you and your mom finally decided to come and stay with us for a while. Where is your mom actually?” “Oh she’s just putting away our stuff and getting to bed, she was tired but I really needed to see you.” “Same! I really need to talk to you about something. You know how my mom always told me about the United States and how amazing it was to live there?” “Obviously. My mom tells me the same stories. Why?” “I want to live in the USA for a year. And I need someone to come with me and to help me convince my dad. You in?” “You bet your ass I am!” We giggled and started to make plans.

The next morning I woke up early. I took a shower and got dressed in a simple blue gown. Five minutes after I was done someone knocked on my door. “Amelia?” I walked to the door and opened it. Revealing my cousin Charlotte. “Good morning Charlotte!” “Morning!” We gave each other a hug. “So are you ready to ask your dad about your dream?” “Not really, I’m so nervous. What if he says no?” “Calm down! We will convince him with our amazing arguments.” Charlotte said laughing. I smiled. Last night we came up with some of the best arguments ever. I hope they will work. “You ready to go Ames?” I nodded and we walked through the huge hallways towards the staircase. When we reached the dining room my father, my aunt and little sister were already there. “Good morning everyone.” Charlie and I said in harmony. “Good morning girls.” We sat down and began to do some small talk. After a while Charlotte kicked me underneath the table. I shot a glare at her. Then I started to talk. “So dad, there’s actually something I want to talk to you about.” “What is it dear?” “Do you remember how mom used to tell us stories about her life in America?” “Yes I do. Why?” “Well I wanted to ask you if I could go to the USA for a year. Nobody would have to know I am a princess, I could live a normal life. Like mom. Just for a year, to understand how normal people live. What they do. I can’t do it here in Genovia, everyone knows who I am. But in the USA nobody has ever heard of a country called Genovia. So nobody would know who I am. I could bring Charlie with me, so she can keep an eye on me and help me with living a normal life. It has always been my dream to have a normal life. Don’t get me wrong father I love living in the castle and being a princess. But I just need the experience of a normal life. Have friends, go out, not having to care about what I do because I don’t need to be a good influence. I could even dye my hair if that would make me unrecognizable. So daddy what do you think?” My dad looked at me and sighed. “Baby girl. I don’t know if that is a good idea. What if something happens to both of you? Genovia would lose her future queen.” “But dad, I promise I will take good care of myself. I just need to do this once. And if something would happen to me, Sophia can take my place. I know deep in my heart that she’ll be an amazing queen, just like mom.” “And just like you will be Amelia.” My aunt said. “What do you think Victoria?” My dad asked her. “Well, I think you should let her go. I mean you know Amelia. She won’t stop until you let her go. And she will manage. Especially when she has Charlotte by her side. They are eighteen Jonathan. Plus it will be a good lesson for Amelia. She will understand normal people and when she rules over Genovia, she will know what people want and be one hell of a queen.” I smiled at my aunt, knowing she was on my side. Just like my mom would be. I saw my dad thinking about it. Debating in his head. “You both have good points. I guess it’s just hard to let you go. But, if it is your dream, you may go.” “Thank you so much father, I love you.” “I love you too Amelia. I just need to make a few rules. You have to take Charlotte with you. And, if something goes wrong, or people find out who you are, you call me and you will come home.” “Deal.” “So do you girls have any idea to which city in America you would like to go?” Charlie and I looked at each other and said: “LOS ANGELES!” My dad and aunt laughed. “Then I will make some arrangements. Like a house and stuff.” “Thank you so much dad.”

“So are you ready to start packing?” Charlotte asked me. I nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t really feel like I will need all of my princess dresses, jewelry, shoes and my tiara you know. Maybe I should just do some online shopping, and buy normal clothes. So I will at least arrive looking normal.” Charlotte laughed. “Yeah I already have regular clothes, you may borrow some of those. But online shopping doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe we should just do that.” “I’m so curious about the house my dad is arranging. What if it is in like a really fancy neighborhood. How could I live a normal life in the middle of the richest people?” “Well actually it could be amazing. Being normal doesn’t mean you have to be poor. I mean look at mom and I. We live in a huge house and have plenty of money.” “Yeah that’s true. I’m just scared that people will know about me the second I arrive.” “Don’t worry! Like my mom said, we’ll manage.”

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