Moving On

Jamie can't take the life she is living at home and school so decides to run away and try to escape. She meets a handsome and sweet boy who offers her a home but will her past life come and destroy the new life she was starting to make? Or will everything work out and she finally be free?


4. Shopping Day

September 18th

It's been four days since the boys agreed to letting me stay with them and so far these four day consist of, pranking, me cooking, laughing, sitting around the house doing nothing, movie night and a lot of Niall. We've become really close these last four day there never seems to be a frown on my face when i'm around them.


Me and Niall have especially gotten close in the last few days, i can't tell if i like him like him or if friendly way. Of course i don't really need to worry about him liking me or not because me and him would never be a thing because why would a guy like him like a girl like me? Like come on let's get real here.


“Hey Jamie what are you up to?” I look up and see NIall enter the the bedroom, well more like his bedroom because he is still sharing his room with me until they redo the extra room they use for storage.


“Oh nothing much just thinking.”


“Thinking about what?” he asks as he sits next to me on the bed i look away knowing i'm probably blushing because i was thinking about him.


“Just about the last few days how my life has completely changed and how i'm finally happy. You guys make me smile and that's something that i haven't done in a long time.”


Niall was about to reply until Louis barges into the room and yells ‘shopping day’.


“I've noticed that you have been wearing the same two outfits and one pair of shoes for the last four days and i have also notice you have a phone or laptop or anything so we are going to give you a welcome home present by buying you anything you want.”


“Oh no you don't have to do that i don't want you guys spending money on me please.”


“You don't have to worry about that because we are 5 overpaid boys that need to spend their money on something and that thing is going to be you so get your ass up and let's go before i drag you out.”


I smile at this and he walks out of the room with his hands up and his hips swaying and i can't help myself but laugh.




We pull into the parking lot of the HUGE mall and i notice there are very few cars which is especially weird because it's a Saturday and we are in central London. Before i can ask why  Liam begins to speak answering my question.

“We called in a few favors and rented out the whole mall for the day. There will be a few people there but not many. We do this on special occasions and well you are our special occasion.”


“Oh wow thats awesome, thank you guys. It must be amazing to be famous.”


“Yeah it has its up and downs, the biggest down is the no privacy part that's why we live for days like these that we go actually go out into public and have some freedom. Don't get us wrong we love our fans to death but sometimes they can be too much for us to handle and it just gets a little overwhelming.”


I nod my head to what Liam says as Louis pulls into a parking spot and we all load out of the car glad to finally stretch out. Having six people packed into a small van is hard and tight. 


We walk together to the front entrance the boys pushing each other around like 5 year olds. Two things i've learnt about these boys in the last four days are, one they do not what so ever act there age, and two they did not let the fame get to them. 


As soon as we enter the building Louis takes my hand and runs me into our first store. I never saw the name of it but i sure knew what it was once i looked around. He had dragged me into Victoria Secrets of course.


The other four boys came in after us they all had big smiles on their faces, i can already tell this day is going to be more fun for them then it will be for me. I laugh to myself. They tried getting me to try on stuff but i of course said no and throw the item of clothing back at them. But of course they weren't to shy on trying them on over their own clothes of course. 


We went to almost every store them making sure i at least got five things from each store. Sometimes they even bought things behind my back but i have to say they do have pretty good taste because i do like some of the things that they picked out.


We are now standing in our last store, we all have about three or four bags each. They tried making it so i wouldn't have to carry anything but of course i not going to let them buy me all this stuff and then carry it after. They shouldn't be buying me all these things in the first place.


I'm standing with my arms crossed and a stern look on my face. The reason for this is because they are trying to get me to pick out a cell phone AND a laptop. They have already brought me to much and now they want to buy me these that's way too much.


All the boys are glaring at me trying to get me to agree on letting them buy me them but i'm not budging. That's when Niall speaks up, “Fine we don't need your approval.” He turns to the women behind the counter and says, “can we have your most updated iphone and apple laptop? Please an thank you.”


I hit him on the arm retrieving a ouch from him and just glare at him as he smirks at me.


We are finally out of the mall walking back to the car and i thank them, “Thanks guys you really didn't have to do this for me.”


“Nonsense we wanted to do this for you so we did it.”


I smile at what Zayn says and when we get to the car and pack everything away i gave each other the boys a quick hug before getting into the car.


The rest of the day was pretty chill, when we got home we were all to lazy to unpack or really do anything so we called in pizza and ended up watching movies all night long falling asleep in the living room. I am so glad that i meet these amazing boys because god knows where i would be at the moment if it weren't for them.


 Thank you all for reading my story. If you have any pointers or anything you would like to say or talk about please feel free to comment below.​ :))))))))))))))))))))))













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