Moving On

Jamie can't take the life she is living at home and school so decides to run away and try to escape. She meets a handsome and sweet boy who offers her a home but will her past life come and destroy the new life she was starting to make? Or will everything work out and she finally be free?


2. Chapter Two: London Love

Still September 13th 10:28PM

The bus finally comes to a stop and people start to stand and walk off. I don't know if my legs will even be able to hold me up after such a long ride of sitting. I slowly stand wobbling a bit before slowly walking off the bus. As soon as I get off I look around and I am amazed by what I see this is amazing best birthday present ever.

All of a sudden my stomach starts to growl and I remember I haven't even eaten today so I look around until I notice a some stand that is selling big pretzels and I walk over to it and order one. I wait as the scary looking man hands me one asking for 5 dollars. I take the money out of my pocket and count it, 3 dollars oh poop.

"I'm sorry sir I only have 3 dollars."

I was expecting him to be all nice about it and say it's fine just take it I'll pay the rest but instead he said, "well too bad go find something else worth 3 dollars."

I was about to fight back when I hear someone behind me speak up in an Irish accent. "Now that's not the way to treat a lady is it. I'm sorry love let me help you pay for that this here gentleman is not a very good gentleman at all."

I couldn't see the face of the boy that stood up for me because of the hoodie he was wearing but he stepped forward paying for the whole thing giving me my three dollars back and then handing me my pretzel. And starts walking with me both of us not saying a word until I spoke.

"Thank you for that you didn't have to pay for it though."

"Oh no don't worry I have enough money and I he was treating you like a jerk I could just let he be mean to you and not say anything you deserve to be treated with respect."

I smile, "there needs to be more guys like you out there. The world would be a much better place."

"Awe thank you, do you mind me asking what you are doing out here at this hour of the night?"

I didn't want to tell him the truth but I didn't want to lie because he was very sweet and he doesn't deserve to be lied to.

"I was lonely and it was my birthday so I decided to go out by myself."

As soon as I say this he looks over at me and I got a quick glimpse of his mouth when it passed the light and saw that he had braces.

"Really it's my birthday today as well. But I wasn't alone my four best friends brought me out to drink but I wasn't really feeling it."

"That's awesome, and aren't Irish men suppose to be big drinkers?"

He laughs a bit and I find it really cute. "Yes we are and I am don't get me wrong but I wasn't feeling up to it and luckily I left or else u would have meet you."

"I see, and I glad that you ditched or else I would have had a hero to save me and I wouldn't have eaten anything tonight."

"Any time. By the way my name is Niall what is yours?"

"Mine is Jamie."

"I like it very beautiful name it suits you very well."

As soon as he says thing the memory of Jake saying it to me pops up,That's a beautiful name I like it, it suits you very well.

"Thank you, I like your name as well. It's very unique."

"Why thank you Jamie."

"You're very welcome Naill."

I offer some one my pretzel and he takes a huge bit out of it and I slap him in the stomach a little.

"What?" I glare at him when you says this.

"You almost ate the whole thing!"

"I'm the one that bought it for you you should share."

I laugh and agree with him. "You must like food."

"Like? More like love."

For the next 10 minutes we talked about food until we can to a stop in front of a huge house.

"I've never been to Nando's."

When I say things his eyes widen and he tells me that he is going to take me some time and I can't say no.

"Well this is my house, I didn't mean to walk home but it's a habit."

"No it's okay don't worry about it."

And now this is were he leaves and we never meet again.

"Do you have anywhere to go tonight? Because you have a bag and it has a label that says Greenwood high and I'm pretty sure that school is located in Greenwich which is miles aways from here."

I look down at my bag and notice that he is correct, shit. What do I say now? Just be truthful Jamie ok.

"No I don't have anywhere to go."

I didn't even notice that I was crying until he wipes the tears away with his thumb sending tingles through my body.

"Jamie why don't you stay the night with me and tell me all about it, I've been told I'm a good listener and that I have great hugs. I can tell you haven't told me everything about yourself and to be honest I have about myself either."

I nod my head agreeing to stay and talk and he guides me into the house and up to his room. As we walk up there I look around wondering who he is and how he can afford all of this.

We make it up to his room and we sit down on his bed and look at each other neither one of us knowing where to start.

"So tell me why are you really here Jamie?"

Should I tell him, I feel like I can trust him he's such a nice guy and he stood up for me and he's cute and adorable. Stop Jamie what are you saying your trying to see if you trust him not if you like him. I decide that I'm going to tell him the truth.

"I ran away from home."

As soon as I say this Niall's eyes widen, "you ran away from home! Why?"

"Well it all started my sophomore year of high school when I messed with the bitchiest girl and schools boyfriend and kinda told him to break up with her and she made sure to ruin my life from that day on. The guy Jake stayed with me and protected me until he moved in the beginnings of Junior year and left me alone and so I have no friends and my parents don't care about me because my dad only cares about his work and getting drunk coming home beating the shit out of my mom and me and then my mom sticks up for him and says the only reason he does this is because I was born and ruined their lives. So I decided to give myself a present and get the hell out of there and restart my life and that all backfired because I spent all my money on the stupid bus and I have nowhere to go and I should just die because know one cares about me."

I say this really fats this tears running down my eyes and Niall just sits there holding my hand and when I'm down he pulls me into his arms and says these words. "I care about you and that is all the matters."

When he pulls away he talks again. "You did the right thing and leaving the situation. Your father should not be hurts you and your mother should not be sticking up for him like that. And hat girl is just stupid and thinks she is better than everyone else. You don't have to worry about any of them erase them from your mind because you are going to be starting a new life and that life is going to be amazing because your new life is going to have me in it."

I start crying again and he pulls me back into his arms and rubs my head telling me everything is going to be alright. "Thank you so much Niall I don't know what I would do without you."

"Can we talk about you now?"

He nods his head and begins to talk. "I'm in a famous worldwide boy band." He takes his hoodie off and for some reason he look really familiar. "My full name is Niall Horan and our boy band name is One Direction and that is why I have such a big house because I share it wit the other boys who are all sleeping in their rooms down the hall."

When I finally notice who he is my eyes widen and he smiles. "I did not see that coming."

We ended up talking a little more about him me knowing he is trying to take my mind off my own life and I really appreciate that. I then let out a loud yawn and he smiles.

"That was really cute." I blush bright red "but you look like your tired so let's go to bed. You can sleep in my bed and I can sleep in the floor."

"No you're not sleeping on the floor for all you did for me today you are sleeping on the bed we can share."

He walks to his dresser getting out one of his t shirts and a pair of his boxers and throws them to me turning around so his back was to me letting me change out of my black skinny jeans and my purple sweatshirt.

"I'm good."

He turns around and his eye look up and down my body and when our eyes meet we both blushed and looked away. He quickly take his shirt and pants off and sliding on a pair of sweatpants and walks over to me.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to change right in front of you."

We both blush again and I tell him that it's all right, "you don't mind that I'm not wearing a shirt. I normally only wear boxers but I felt that you might be a little uncomfortable if that was all I wore."

"No it's fine it's your bed you can do whatever you want."

He smiles and lays down in the bed and motions me to lay down as well. We both turn our backs on each other a little embarrassed until I speak.

"Thank you so much Niall, for helping me."

We both turn toward each other and he told me it was nothing and that he was glad to be about to meet you."

"This was the best birthday ever" he smiles after I say this "and this was my best birthday ever just because of you."

He hugs me and we both fall asleep

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